Some People

I worked Sunday. I need Wed off so I asked to work 8 hours today.

I was suppose to do a walk and face. However while texting with K this morning she asked me to find someone to cover a shift for one of the cashiers who called in sick. That was my first hour of my shift. Phoning and texting staff to see if I could find anyone.

I was getting pretty desperate, down to my last two employees before calling the closing supervisor to see if he could come in a bit early to cash. I called my 2nd last prospect. But he wasn’t home. His mom gave me his dad’s cell number and I called him. He was my hero today. Agreed to pick up the shift, which surprised K because he usually does not do that.

For the next hour I short circuited lol start on one thing and then something else would catch my attention. I did get the cooler looking good before we opened at 12.

My first break was at 1:30.

I grabbed my water bottle and went over to the hot food bar.

There was this woman. And kids. And a daughter I guess.

Hot food is only on one side today. She is smack dab in the middle and the kids are on either side of her. Her daughter is standing sort of behind next to me. The mother looks over at me.

‘Is there a problem with us?’ she barked at me. Barked!

‘No I am just waiting to get food for my break.’

‘Hmph-grab a lid there.’ Directed at her daughter.

She turned back to the food, and still the two boys were next to her. There was no way to get food without having to ask them to move. Which I sure as heck was not going to do considering how the mother had been already. I stood a moment more and realized she was not going to ask her kids to move. Somehow she acquired a third kid and in disgust I put the container back and stalked passed her.

I was ticked. Super ticked. I grabbed a yogurt and a cliff bar, going through the till. The woman and her brood were still all strung out along the whole of the food bar as I walked passed her.

Got to the back and uttered a string of curses. Which then lead me to talking to myself as I went up the stairs that I knew I was not suppose to say bad things towards another person as it will come back on me but she was an ignorant cow! I growled, growled I was so annoyed.

I know that I could have asked her to move. Politely. I suppose I thought that she would make room and ask the boys to move so I could also reach the food. She did not. And I am not so sure that I could have asked her nicely.

If I Were a Vigilante

I woke up shortly before my alarm to go to bathroom.
Figured that since the alarm was going to be going off in two minutes that there was no point in crawling back into bed and getting comfortable.
So I perched on the side of my bed reading over some of the news stories in my feed.
Which is when I came to the story of a pedophile.
This individual committed over 140 assaults on children (some of whom were babies) recorded the assaults and kept them on his phone.
In folders.
With the names of his victims.
That is when I read about his defense.
His defense: He really loves children and does not remember even committing these assaults.
Judge called bullshit too.
Said due to the fact that he kept them organized in file folders and no real show of contrition he was not sorry.
What he is sorry about is he got caught.
And will now spend at the very least 16 years in jail for the harm he did.
Out of an 18 year sentence.
140 acts of assault perpetrated on children.
And the bastard only gets 18 years.
Should be 1 year per assault for up to 140 years in jail.
I know there are those out there who would cry about the inhumanity of it.
How about I shove a giant stick up your ass and you can tell me all about how inhumane it would be to send me to jail for life.
Belief would change in a heartbeat.
I was sitting here thinking of the damage this man has done.
Not a man but a disgusting piece of phlegm spit up and left to marinate in the filth of his mind.
And how unfair it was that he only got 18 years.
But then I realized, he will never live that long.
I hope that as he is beaten to death that it is a slow damaging death.
I hope that there are various objects found thrust into his orifices, prying them open as blood gushes to the floor.
I hope that he feels every kick and fist that pounds into him.
I hope that they carve the name of his victims into his skin with an ice pick.
I hope that the pain and death the he feels with be kept going for weeks and months but that will not happen.
I hope though that the other inmates in the prison he is sentenced to discovers who he is.
And I hope that one night they might forget to lock the cell door to the segregation unit that he is being kept in and his death is long and torturous.
As young as 9 months.
To the age of 9/10 years old.
He is 24.
Sept. 27/22
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