When Does it Become Too Much?

Around around goes the blame game.
Guns do not kill people, people kill people.
Yes that is right.
Guns are inanimate objects that cannot harm unless improperly used.
However and here is the rub, the vast majority of shootings have taken place with legally purchased guns.
I looked at the research.
What they term ‘illegal’ weapons are ones taken without consent from the family home…..that were purchased legally.
I am not advocating for the taking away of anyone’s guns.
I know that law abiding adults everywhere purchase guns for pleasure and protection.
They keep their weapons locked in one place and the ammunition in another.
They have taught their children to respect the gun.
They have taught their children to have care with a gun.
They have taught…..
What I am advocating for is a background check.
Having to take a course on gun safety.
Which they do in Canada.
My ex got took his Firearms safety course while we were still together.
It is required before one can apply for their PAL.
Possession Acquisition License.
In other words to legally purchase a gun in Canada one first must take a course and then apply for their PAL.
A background check is done by the local police detachment, in our case the RCMP.
When he applied for his PAL we were separated.
I received a call from the RCMP asking me if I felt comfortable with him having a gun in his possession.
Did I have any fear for myself or anyone else in that regard?
I easily could tell them no, I had no concerns.
Despite the fact that at the time things were pretty acrimonious between us, I never worried that if he became enraged that he would try to kill me.
In my early ’20’s I was a reference for a co-worker.
This was in the early 1990’s and am not sure what he was applying for one for.
I do remember getting a call from the RCMP asking me questions.
Maybe it is the RCMP doing the background checks but again only twice have I been contacted.
Was he responsible?
Was he prone to rage?
Angry outbursts?
I was able to easily answer no to all the questions.
And if I recall correctly you have to have known your reference for several years not just met three months ago.
Does it take a bit to get your PAL in Canada?
But it is the only way to legally obtain a gun.
I can hear your arguments now about all the illegal guns out there.
And I will say again, these mass shootings by and large are committed by individuals who have legally purchased their weapons.
Or taken from the home where they had been legally purchased.
When faced with such evidence where do your arguments go?
What can you say?
I know what I can say:
19 children and 2 adults.
Legally acquired.
©May 29/22
Picture is my own

How Can I Be Silent?

601 US school shootings from 1884-2016.
19 Canadian school shootings for same time period.
Originally I was just looking up Canadian school shootings but then my curiosity got the best of me.
I know I am suppose to be on a news break but children…..
Every time I read about an act of violence against children my heart is shredded.
There are no words.
I have never lost a child to violence so I can only imagine the grief, fear, pain that will become a constant parental companion.
But I am an empath.
And I am a writer with an imagination.
I will never know the devastation of losing a child through violence and in all the I hold dear I pray that I and anyone I know never does.
We can never understand the unending abyss of pain that will ebb but be the silent pulse in time with their heartbeat.
We can never understand the desire to end it so we can once more hold our child within our arms.
We can never understand.
I wonder too what more could have been done to stop an individual who made it clear on social media that this exact type of situation was brewing?
That the children should beware.
What more could have been done?
Where were the individuals policing social media?
Where were the powers that be when this individual announced on social media that he had purchased not one but two assault rifles?
What more could have been done?
Today 19 parents are in mourning.
Politicians offer prayers.
They begin to lace up their gloves for a political boxing match.
This will once more not be about the death of these children.
This will not be about the failure of mental health issues being ignored.
This will not be about the failure of a school system that helped to create this individual.
This will become another tragedy upon which coattails will be ridden.
Please tell me:
When does it become enough?
How many children is too many before things stop?
These children have become caught in a deadly war that is home brewed.
And no one is wanting to take responsibility.
My heart goes out to all parents who have lost a child to violence.
My tears fall and my soul aches.
I wish I had a magic wand.
I wish I could turn back time.
I wish those who could make a difference would make a difference.
But they will not.
©May 25/22
Picture via Pexels Free Picture
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