Dark Tide

Can a city be evil? Not the people that live within its boundaries but the city itself.

Dark shadows caress the windows, vlred down brick even as the sun glares down. Charred jagged towers spear the sky teeth gnawing away insidiously at the smallest bit of hope.

Greens seem muted, grass, leaves, greys and blacks edge the flowerbeds, death would be at home, walking these bittered paths. Somber notes play as wind slithers through wind chimes.

A deep hatred flows through the streets. Paving crossroads and crosswalks. Malignant it can be felt at every turn of the tide.

Nov. 5/22

Light & Shadows

Some days I look in the mirror and the image I see staring back at me is not the same image that everyone else sees.

They see smiles and sunshine. I see pain and stormy nights. Which of these is the true me? The one who feeds off the sunshine growing stronger? Or the one that the dark shadows creep slowly towards with night’s dawn snaking fingers reaching to ensnare me?

Tears feed the nightmare.

Oct. 28/22

****This is fiction.****

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