Right Where It Should Be

More than once I have bemoaned the fact that my mouth works faster than my brain does.
Lightening speed faster.
Case in point:
Regular Customer (and when I say regular she shops like 3/4 times a day): Where is aisle 8?
We were in aisle 5.
Me: After aisle 7.
Customer looks at me and I look at customer.
I point to the sign that says 8.
Customer: Oh right. Thank you.
I will leave it there.
©March 8/22
Picture via Pinterest

Sometimes I am Not SMRT

I know that you all have heard me rave about my Reese’s Pieces cups with the Reese’s Pieces in the peanut butter. I have gotten all sorts of people addicted to them. I eat at least one package a day, sometimes two if it is really stressful.

I am very cognitive that there are only two jumbo cups in each package. Two of them.

Would someone like to explain to me why I sat there for about a minute and a half yesterday trying to figure out why my package had been shorted its third cup. I was so indignant and already planning my rant to K when my eyes fell upon the package and it absorbed the fact that there were only 2 cups in the package…..LIKE ALWAYS.

When I went down from my break I went to tell K who barely let me get my words out before interrupting me indignant that I had gotten three cups.

She finally calmed down as I am telling her and the two of us laughed.

There really are some days that I just am not SMRT.

©March 5/22

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