Ca Caw

You see that face? Bet y’all thing that that is the face of a cherub. Well you are wrong……he is a devil child in disguise.
Now obviously I do not truly think that Tember is a devil child but he came close last night.
Please note that no one was injured during this process. Although it was a close thing.
This is the ex’s week. Tember is home between 9:30-10 pm. I had two cups of coffee after 5 last night and still by 9:30 my eyes were closing and I was doing the head jerk. I figured I would turn out the light cuddle with Loki and Baby Yoda while waiting. Usually when he comes home I hear the door open and slam shut.
I must have drifted off just a bit when suddenly in my light lack of consciousness I hear: Ca Caw.
Eyes flew open and I looked over my shoulder. To the dark figure standing in my doorway.
Now I am blind as a bat without my glasses on. All I can see are shapes and that is it. The only light on was over the stove. So it was not like I had a clue. And most importantly I had not heard to the door open or close…..did not hear it lock…..there had been no voice saying ‘mom I am home.’
I shot up and screamed. I do not mean a little ah I am talking a full bloodied shriek as I believed that there was a stranger in the doorway to my bedroom.
Tember flew around the side of the bed and grabbed me in a hug. All while apologizing as he thought that I was still awake.
Loki had flown off the bed from beside me. Tember found him in the living room. Lucky and Thomas both were staring at me like I am the biggest wierdo that they have ever laid eyes on. Once my heart returned to my chest and my breathing calmed down Tember again apologized. I chuckled as I laid my head back down on the pillow. That chuckle became giggles. I giggled softly to myself more than a couple of times.
I do enjoy being scared.
When I am awake.
With my glasses on.
In the daylight.
©July 29/20
Picture is my own

He Screwed With my List

Tember likes music.
I like music.
The Ex likes music.
No this is not a Dr. Seuss like post.
I have Spotify for my music interests. Pay for the first level… ads……playlists…….I like it what more do I need?
Enter Tember……
He wants to listen to music.
Spotify can be downloaded to his phone so that when he is walking home from school
he has music to listen to.
Ok I am down with that.
He creates his own playlist.
Tember’s likes.
I am not paying attention…..I mean really what difference is it going to make?
It does…….it makes a whole lot of difference……
People get the family plan… not share with your children…..
Please let this be a cautionary tale:
Saturday morning am going to clean the apartment.
Set the laptop up on the kitchen counter… on Spotify……Release Radar……Play.
Dancing around washing dishes wiping counters when suddenly screaming chainsaws causing bleeding ears.
Oh hell no. Skip to next song.
Wait? What? I do not listen to screaming cats?
Half my damn playlist is screeching death metal.
No no no no.
I have nothing against Death Metal.
I have friends who love Death Metal.
I do not understand but to each his own.
I figure some weird ass glitch. And I mean weird ass. Gave it a pass. Jumped over to my liked song list and away I went with cleaning.
Fast Forward two weeks:
Getting ready to clean apartment.
Set up laptop.
(Sensing a theme?)
Grooving around the kitchen when suddenly Country…….which I do not have an issue with….but that was all my Release Radar was filled with.
Now I am going to admit that I was a tad disgruntled. I mean seriously until now Spotify has been well spot on (pardon the sorta pun)
Again I figured that it was a wee bit of a glitch.
Until two weeks later….
I was cleaning…..
set up lap top and…..
my damn list is half screaming death metal and half pining country.
I am stupefied.
Tember is sleeping when I go roaring into his room……demanding to know……has he been listening to music on my Spotify?
Tousled and sleepy he peers at me not quite certain why mom is demanding to know about his music tastes at the ungodly hour of 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning.
Finally the mystery is solved.
Spotify has not suddenly lost its mind.
It is not trying to determine my song choices.
What it was doing was amalgamating my likes and Tember’s.
And since his tastes are a combo of his father’s and my own with his own my song list is right weird.
****I know that there are people reading this thinking does she not know about the family plan? And yes I do. However it was a half day experiment
that proved too much for myself and Tember.*****
A side benefit though is when AC/DC seamlessly segues into Taylor Swift leading up to Guns and Roses…….maybe a combined playlist is not all that bad.
June 18/20
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