I went walking

I went for a walk after walking T to school this morning. It was crisp and quiet. As I walked along listening to the silence I realized that I was looking forward and upward. I have spent so long looking at the ground I forget about the breathtaking beauty. I met the guy up top on his walk. The rest spoke to me.

Winter’s Embrace

Winter’s cold embrace
shrouds the ground in frost
lifeless limbs reach for desolate skies
as the winds sweep my memories clean.
Memories of sun kissed skin
brushing lips to lips
taunting and teasing
never-ending desire and want.
Today I stand
barren ice scapes where my heart use to be
lost and alone
not understanding
what I did to drive you away.
Glaciers slowly encase my heart
hardening it into stone
chisels and hammers will never again dent
the cage around my soul.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
November 18/17