Winter’s Embrace

Winter’s cold embrace
shrouds the ground in frost
lifeless limbs reach for desolate skies
as the winds sweep my memories clean.
Memories of sun kissed skin
brushing lips to lips
taunting and teasing
never-ending desire and want.
Today I stand
barren ice scapes where my heart use to be
lost and alone
not understanding
what I did to drive you away.
Glaciers slowly encase my heart
hardening it into stone
chisels and hammers will never again dent
the cage around my soul.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
November 18/17

Desolate and Beautiful

I went for a walk and saw beauty in the bleak desolation of an empty beach and pier that only the day before teemed with life. And though the wind nearly blew me over I found myself drawn to the roaring waves and wind sculpted sand. I needed to take these pictures.

I always wanted to paint but lack the talent to take what I see in my mind and bring it to life on paper. Now I have the ability to take the pictures that draw me in and edit via my phone. This is just the start.