Monsters Made

He hurt me
with nary a though
tore away
made it so
I would hate him
wish him dead
with my last breath.
I succumbed
wakening in a specter state
a waith
devilish smile
begins to dance across my lips
as I realize
there is more damage to be done
and in this state,
no one will be to blame
save for the beast who stole my life
savaging other young women
to sate his sickened twisted desires.
Prowling the streets
evil bleeding
day and night
as he takes back that energy
freely given
driving him insane.
a man each time
the river below bleeds up through the ground
turning them to monsters
a cycle
as yet
to be broken.
©Nov. 6/22
Picture via Pinterest

Huntress Quest

Head back
nostrils flare
upon the wind
the stench
the aroma of evil
clawing over tongue
entering throat
gagging even as ever drawn forth.
Striding with purpose
feral eyes aglitter
following the malodor
a black gnatted mimosa
visible only to the avenger
the shadow monger
as she slips and slides
ever after her quarry.
On her hip
humming its own particular energy
also leads
its blade hungry
ready to reap
to eat
the soul that they seek.
In the night
a shrieking howl
off at a run
once more
too late
too slow
to catch the ravenous beast.
ready to fly
her quarry once more on the run.
At her feet
the still body
of a tiny mite no more.
©July 15/22
Picture via Pinterest
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