Wicked Avenger

Pretty Princess
Sweet Baby
you cooed
making me sick
I turned my head
unable to watch
go away
deep inside
where shall I hide?
Forced to look into your eyes
head held in a vise grip
your evil leer
etched by acid
deep in my mind.
One after another
they came
while I lay
near death
bled dry 
fierce warrior
rising in my breast
she will not let me die.
Time heals
they assured me
pain will fade
the inside scars though
they are always there.
I beg to differ.
I watched you die.
One after the other.
You begged me to stop.
You begged with all your might.
Just like you
I was deaf.
Unlike you.....
I had the will for revenge.

©Feb. 4/23

You Made Her Cry

I knew. 
Red flags only I saw.
falling on deaf ears
hearing what I have to say.
I watched.
Her love for you;
it slipped
it slid
it wound itself around you
swearing upon the bible
changes were coming.
No longer would you abuse.
No longer would you lie.
No longer would you cheat.
lies you whispered
lies you told
falling on deaf ears
she so wanted to believe
even as I watched the collapse
of this fairy tale you promised.
Barely understood her
the screams
the tears
the pain
but it finally penetrated
you had done it again.
When I arrived
she was a bloody mess.
My rage grew
until all I saw was red.
She begged me not to do anything rash.
I promised I would not.
After the hospital
I took her home;
my home;
put her to bed
kissed her on the forehead
and whispered.....
I've gotta go
I need to see a man about a horse.
I sat in that darkened room
waiting for you.
I heard your steps
I heard you stumble
and the cold smile
the one you always hated
spreads across my face as I wait.
You scream her name.
You yell such abuse.
When you walk in the room
turn on the lights
see me sitting here
caressing your bat
your venom spewed
as I prevoked.
Touched you there.
Touched you here.
Touched you with one swing
that broke your ribs.
writhing on the ground
swearing you will get me
she is yours
never will you let her go.
He came at me officer.
I tried to reason with him
I swear.
Never will he touch my sister again.
Never will he berate,
cause her fear.....
I did warn him
what would happen
if ever
he made her cry again.

©Jan. 7/23
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