Prey Upon the Innocent

I read your words
not sure I really understood
so I read them again
to absolutely make sure
and I wonder…..
are you truly that stupid?
did someone read what you planned to say before you said it?
in what warped world do you live in; 
where you cite that the situation is more complicated…..
than the pedophile priest.
Priest or nun
given an overinflated sense of self
called to a higher power
giving them the right
to maim
to torture
to sexualize
to betray
belief and trust.
They know not a god
but the raging devil
that is who is to blame!
shouted from the rooftops.
Less shouting
more whispering
taking over
taping shut
any who dared to complain.
How many deaths
how many addictions
how many abuses
may I lay at the door of your church?
©June 15/21
Picture via Pinterest

Silent Voices Found

***This poem hit me after I saw the artwork that I have included down below.
I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw it and it stopped me dead in my tracks.
And cried.
I cannot fathom how anyone can harm a child.
If there ever was a superhero needed one is required for the thousands of yet unfound children who were torn from their families never to return. ***
Tiny hands
voices muted
time fluid
time stalled
time passed
parents cry
not understanding
how the white man
welcomed with open arms
shared the land
the waters
the animals
expecting co-existence
never realizing
ready to exterminate
anyone who was different.
Names forgotten
written only upon the hearts
of the families they never saw again
wishes made
that they walked among the stars
torn away
made to feel less
by god’s servants
who by religious right
felt absolved
of the atrocities
molding the world in their image
as was the word
spread from mouth to book
never aware
upon death
it would not be St. Pete who awaited
three headed hell hound
and a ring
solely for them
to suffer the abuses
they never thought about
even as they perpetrated them.
©June 7/21
Pictures via Facebook