It Will Happen

drip from eyes
fall to chin
hollow pain
bringing me to my knees
head forward
as I sob
nothing has hurt more
than this
feeling discarded
even though
I know
deep within
this is not the truth
pain roils
never ending.
Tears continue to seep
stand beneath the shower
how could this happen
when I had given so much
bringing forth life…..
I knew this day would come
when I was no longer number one
independence gained
mom’s loss
tender pain
does it ever end?
Or will I cry these tears forever?
A river.
An ocean.
It hurts.
©Nov. 26/22

Time Forgot Me

Piece by piece
I clawed back
returned to myself
all the parts that you tore away.
Magic that was forgotten
wends its way through my veins
filling me with golden delight
bathing me in purple gleams
as I rebuild
from broken child
hidden in the shadows
to embracing all the I can be
all that I want to be.
There is life to be had
dreams to be lived
pictures to paint
words to write
gardens to bloom
beneath my finger tips.
I write because I have to
I itch if I don’t.
I paint because I am called to it.
I stare off into space
images and colors
behind my eyelids
as tears I cry
spatter to the ground
from which springs
a single sprig
ready to grow.
©Oct. 10/22
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