Pastel Memories

Murky blue
storm passed
skies brightening
even as thunder rumbles
far off in the distance.
Waves crash
bringing forth
treasures from the deep
littering sand
scrubbed clean by storms passed.
She walks
eyes to the horizon
following the zig zag of lightening
delicate dance
between waves and gifts
left for her
mind mired in the past.
©March 19/22

Blinded (K)Nights

Strolling through the midnight hour
Shadows fleeting
Dancing attendant to the Man in the Moon
Who keeps watch
Over the land of Nod.
Sitting on high
Yellow stained fingers
Tipping the pot
Ever in his favor.
Drinking in the evils
The ills
The souls of the fallen
Who rend their way
Through the innocence of others.
None do see
Deep in the shadows
Cloaked as one of their own,
Rides the Assassin.
Revenge in human form.
Hunting those hunters like prey.
Through long grass
Slight rustle all to betray.
Eyes light blinded
Those who look out
Cannot see within.
As ever closer the servant of Kali does creep.
Whirling dervish
Heads falling
Limbs severed
Howls to the moon.
Laughter swells.
Raining down upon besmirched followers
Who too
Shall pay the penance
Of the ones who stole innocence.
For their own.
©Dec. 17/21
Picture via Pinterest
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