I Wish You Could Come Back

When you leave
without a goodbye
without a see you later
without an I love you
it burns,
it hurts
and in my selfishness
all I want is one more minute
all I want is one more glimpse
of your shining face
the love 
the care 
that you held for the world around
for those who had less
for those who had to fight
you found a way
to be there
for them
for me
for everyone.
Where was I?
During this time of your most need
lost across the pond
unable to make my way across
sending white light
through the air
hoping against hope
that it would find you there.
Your pain is gone
your fear too
and I know that you are close
that you know
that I love you
that I will miss you forever more.

©May 25/23

Unwanted Visitor

A single call
one person's world as they know it.
There is no getting away.
Refusing to acknowledge
means certain death
but to give it a name
it's claim to fame
gives it teeth to grip and hold with
while one twists and turns
fighting with every breath to win.
it wends its way
through veins
through muscle
through tissue
transgressions personified
if you believe the people
touched by god.
It is evil.
It is torture.
It strikes without warning.
It knows no riches.
It knows not poverty.
Once it grips
the fight is on
with outcomes given in percentages
the real only known outcome.

©May 20/23
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