Word of the Day Challenge-Untitled Poem #39

All sit around the table
wondering who they will see today:
the joker…..
the coker….
the screeching maniac
believing that world is about to attack?
Don your makeup
close up will happen at noon.
Lies trip from lips
grimace in place of a smile
glance at the clock
countdown begins……
Finger on the trigger
when did you pull a gun?
Wanton disregard
psychopath you are
Shore up your battle lines
all await your downfall.
Jocular in public
raise your hand
wave the white flag
be kind to all who look your way
when the doors do close
the face comes off
reality sets in
and demons begin to froth.
Sold your soul to the devil
made your pact
ready to pay?
He will be back.
©July 13/19
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Not Just My Verse — Insomnia

This is a poem about insomnia that Rory over at A Guy called Bloke. I hope you enjoy everyone’s contributions.

This, That, and The Other

72EC02B7-B1F8-49A3-98B6-FAC597ED994FSo Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) started another one of his poetry blog hop thingies. He chooses a topic — in this case, insomnia — and writes four lines of rhyming verse. Then he tags one of his readers who will, in turn, add his or her own four lines of rhyming verse to Rory’s and then tag one of his or her own readers to do the same. And so on and so on. It’s a case of wash, rinse, repeat. Once the poem [verse] leaves Rory’s blog, the next series of bloggers can take it wherever they want with regards their own four line verses, but they must always stay on topic.

Here’s how Rory got it started:

Why do you evade me so? It makes for no sense,
In truth, to do so unkindly and unwarranted, is nonsense!
I have tried counting all sorts, from stars to wide…

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Never Again

time has ceased to spool
all gone
there is only now.
A now
filled with pain
filled with darkness
filled with sorrow
and rage.
This box I am in
not one of my own making.
imposed on me by the will of others
nothing I can say.
I am not the sum of everyone
I am not the sum of those people
who are trying to corner me
rip free the freedom
the relief that I have found.
Reverting once more
into that small hurting girl I use to be.
Fear becomes a constant companion
causing me to wonder:
have I reverted in reality
or merely seeing the mirage of truth
that others feel is real?
I know this is false
this is not who I am.
Fuzzy headed
try to take the hard won freedom
this life I have built for myself.
I will fight 
I will win
I am never going back there again.
©May 24/19
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Voices Raised

You yell
you scream
you make me feel
like all is my fault
but really?
Let me ask
you fucked her
not me
how am I the one at fault?
You know you did me wrong
you wrecked my soul
my heart.
You promised me
that you loved me
would do anything for me
but you also swore
this would not happen
you would not fall.
Babe all I can say
I don’t know if I love you
the pain I feel
has more to do with respect
with broken trust
than actual love.
Not a  woman
just a child
you as well
come calling when you get tired 
of dirt
of hovels
of paper plates.
I will pick up the pieces.
You will come crawling
I ain’t stupid man.
I know what this game is.
Go ahead
watch me step back
hey babe
whose life means more?
Tongue tied
I know what is done
she ruined our fun
you don’t care
I am sorry to say
she will fuck you 
in the end.
(and she did)
Feb. 11/19

Who Thought Questions Could Be Such Fun?

I was tagged by Crushed Caramel to participate in answering some questions. I am home alone this evening and this looks like a fun thing to do.

Caramel was tagged by Kristian 

Kristian was tagged by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith who was the creator of this question challenge. Have a look at Teresa’s original post to find out what she had in mind:



  1. Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)
  2. Add three more questions of your own to the list
  3. Tag three people

Teresa’s Questions:

What would Klaatu (The Day the Earth Stood Still) think of Earth if he landed today?

I had to read on Wikipedia about this. Having done so am sure that he would look and than decimate it.

If books’ characters were not imprisoned by their covers, which two characters would make a great couple?

I actually have never considered this. Am not really sure I can even think of two who would make a great couple. Aha got one: Sherlock Holmes and Kay Scarpetta

For US folks: Turkey, Ham, or Something Else on Thanksgiving? For Int’l folks: What is one food you recommend most from your country?

Not sure here either lol being so close to the US our customs/habits tend to overlap.

Kristian”s Questions:

Is there a fictional world that you actually wished existed?

The North from A Song of Ice and Fire series

What song always makes you smile?

Not sure that it makes me smile but my absolute favorite song is Rasputin by Boney M

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Basted soft and I have finally perfected them. Go Me!

My Questions:

When you went to the play-park as a child, did you have a favourite apparatus? (eg the swings, see-saw, slides, climbing frame)

I loved the swings and the monkey bars. If the park had a spinny thing (like a merry go round without animals) that was another favorite.

If I were to send you a bouquet of flowers – what kind of flowers would you like to see in it?

Crazy Daisys.

When you have a cold, how so you treat it? Do you dose yourself up with items you have bought from the pharmacy or do you have any home remedies you rely on? Is there anything else you do to try to cheer yourself up while you are ill?

I tend to try and let the cold run its course. I do increase my Vitamin C intake though and that seems to help as well.  When ill I tend to lay on the couch wallowing in my suffering surfing Netflix and napping.

My Questions:

What is one tv show you watch where if anyone knew they would be amazed/surprised/confused? A guilty pleasure.

What word do you hate to hear the most?

If you could chose any character from a book to have as a romantic partner who would it be?

I am tagging;

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his partner and becoming a Single Parent.


The Eclectic Contrarian


Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Finish the Story-October #3

I have been given the opportunity to continue the story started by the wonderful writer over at the The Haunted Wordsmith.  I greatly enjoy reading how each of us contributes to making a single story. Please please check out her blog. You will not be disappointed.

The single sheet of paper, so thin, like parchment, seemed to jump into his hand. He looked over the spidery handwriting and realized that no one ever wrote like this today.

My Dearest David;

It has taken so long for you to succumb to your curiosity. During this time I have waited and waited.

I realize that this is confusing to you, but know my love, I have been waiting throughout the cycles of time for you. Every life you have lead moved you further and further away from our love. Now though I sense that you are ready to find me.

I shall wait upon the cliff where first we met.

Please my darling, don’t make me wait.

Love Tabitha.

David stared at the words written and began to feel. Warmth. Desire. Memories teasing, just out of reach. He began to fold the letter up, realizing that he must deliver it. However did he have to? It was actually addressed to him, even if the address was to Number 604.

David did not realize that he was being watched. That through the peephole of Number 604 a brilliant green eye gazed upon him. Crimson lips, wet with saliva, parted and a whispered breath whistled. She hoped that he would succumb, he would take the bait. For she had waited a long time to…….

I am tagging Britchy over at Bitchin’ in the Kitchen to continue the story.