Just a Little Annoyed

I have always been baffled by a parent’s need to go to battle for their adult children.

Now don’t get me wrong there are times and places where yes a parent does need to do battle for their adult child(ren) but for the vast majority of us (I really like that phrase vast majority I have used it more than a few times) we tend to take responsibility and do our own battles. I don’t know about you but this is how I have learned and grown, continue to grow.

I have discovered a new pet peeve. One that irks the living hell out of me.

Jumping to conclusions.

Look, if you are not a part of the conversation keep your nose out of it. Do not assume you know all the facts and decide on a course of action that is contrary to how say someone else may react. Make blatant and unfounded accusations and people start to ‘go see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.’ Too much bullshit in your life and coming from your mouth.

My advice and it is not often that I give it because well you do not learn from advice…..you learn from experience…..is as follows:

Stay in your own lane. Keep your nose and mouth out of other people’s business. That pretty little nose of yours might then stay pointing in the right direction as opposed to the left or the right, all depending on what direction the hook comes from.

©March. 4/22

When did it happen to You?

Last evening T was throwing a bit of attitude at me which lead to me stating that if he did not stop I was going to not allow him to go out and trick or treat tonight.
He wanted to know why I got to have attitude and he did not?
Me: I am the adult. I am the one who pays the bills and puts the food on the table. When you are an adult and have children you can have all the attitude you want and when they demand to know why you get to have attitude you can tell them because that is what I said happened.
T to J: I cannot wait to be an adult.
I was just going in to have a soak in the tub when he said this.
I opened the bathroom door and looked at them.
Me: When do you think you become an adult?
T: 18
Me: That is when the law says you are an adult. When do you think you become an adult?
T & J: 16
Me: When do you think that you become an adult?
T & J: 16.
Me: When do you think that you become an adult?
T: When did you become an adult mom?
Me: End of 2017. I grew up. I realized that I made the choices and I was responsible for the consequences. I began to become the person that I want to be.
T: You have only been an adult for 4 years?
Me: That is how I see it.
This is true.
I coasted in life before then.
Taking pills.
Running from my existence.
I am present.
I do not look towards a future where I see a better time of it; that better time is now.
I raise T how I want him to be.
Not how society thinks that he should be raised.
I want him to have a voice.
I want him to be responsible.
I want him to be accountable.
I want him to be better.
Better than me.
I guide him along this pathway of life.
Teaching by example not by the words that I speak.
Soon one day he is going to spread his wings and take flight.
He will look back every so often to make sure that I am still there but my importance will diminish as his own rises.
I look at the young man T is today and know he is going to be a great adult one day.
So long as he realizes that being an adult is not dependent on age.
©Oct. 31/21
Picture is my own
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