Dragons & Donuts

This has been a tough week.
Mood has been up and down.
Feeling like my mojo is missing.
Feeling off.
This morning I was up at 6.
Cleaning began just after 10.
Lasted until 3:50 which is when I finally was finished.
I cleaned the oven.
Also I am tired of the smoke detector screeching every time I cooked.
Sprayed the oven.
Now to the living room.
This is going to be the 4th or 5th time in about as many weeks that I have shifted things around.
Nothing felt right.
I had been thinking though about what I wanted to do.
I have lived in this apartment since May 2016.
Do not plan on moving any time soon unless I win the lottery.
This fall I am not sure what the turning point was but I have started to make it my own.
Had the blinds removed and curtains hung.
I had my wall of motivation.
I rearranged my pictures.
As much as I liked having my t.v. up a bit the table I had it on was rickety.
Thomas would jump between legs to get away from Loki as they played.
I was worried that the t.v.  was going to be pushed over or the table leg would give out.
No t.v.
I had my book case at the bottom of the stairs.
I measured the bookcase.
I measured the t.v.
It would work.
As I was rearranging the living room I decided to wash the walls.
It started off with one wall.
I was going to take it slow.
One wall a day.
One thing lead to another.
All the walls were washed today.
I even washed the base boards.
The Base Boards People!
Look at me adulting..
In the same day!
Re-purposed the bookcase as a t.v. stand.
With my books displayed.
With my pictures displayed.
Realizing as I type that I am happy.
That there is a sense of rightness.
Must be working as I had this post and a poem warring it out in my head.
Decided to write this one first.
Today is day 71 of being sober.
Had a bit of a struggle this week especially yesterday but I did not cave.
I really did not want to drink.
It was to fill time that is all.
Having not drank lead to the wicked burst of energy as opposed to laying on the couch recovering from the night before.
I am proud of me.
71 days.
Feeling like I have my mojo back.
This is your Sunday evening chuckle:
Was in express checkout the other day.
Gentleman comes through with donuts and a few other items.
Bagging away chatting with my customer when I get to the donuts.
I lean over to ask him if he wanted them in the bag.
What came out:
Would you like a separate bag for your dragons?
I could say nothing after that.
Have a wonderful Sunday sweetlings.
©Sept. 27/20
Photo is my own.
Picture found on Pinterest

Day 28 & 29 or Me & Me Alone

I will say that this passed weekend has been the most difficult since I quit drinking.
Saturday I was up early despite not working until 9. I had coffee and relaxed. Wrote a little. All was going along tickety boo when Loki decided that today was the day to jump into the window box and pull it over. Dumping wet soil all over the back of the couch. I may have arg’ed loudly. Cleaned it all up. Took the window box with the roses resettled and put outside for the day. Moved the couch to vacuum. Decided that when I came home from work I would be moving the living room around again. So Loki and the others would not be able to get up into the window knocking over my plants.
Work was work. My supervisor had a family emergency and had to leave. I supervised for the morning and cashed from 2-4:4. Was suppose to be at work until 5:30 but was feeling tired…..lethargic…..not my usual self. There was a fraught moment or two. Argued with myself but prevailed. Wine is still alcohol. Once I am passed the LC I am fine it is that possibility of turning in that rages in the back of my mind. That one little push from the voice and I fall over the edge. I did not. I came home changed and began to clean and move the living room around. Took me about two hours but I did it and am happy with the way that it looks. Need to figure out lighting situation behind me as the light reflects in the t.v. which is annoying. Whether a new shade or taller lamp has not been determined yet. For those who care to know once I decide I will let you know.
Made myself coffee as well. I swear that my coffee intake is way way up since I quit drinking. And while I previously joked that it was to replace the sugar I was craving from no longer drinking I wonder. The inability to fall asleep at night has been driving me nuts the last few days. Until I realized that drinking Monster Energy Drinks with 180 mg of Caffeine on top of the coffee I am drinking might have something to do with it. Maybe?
Slept in Sunday until 7:20. That for me is late. Enjoyed myself a lazy morning of coffee and reading emails. Taking some pictures of Loki. Deciding that I wanted to start taking more pictures of the things that catch my attention. Messaged with friends. A free day as I did my cleaning the evening before. By 11:45 I was outside sitting in the sun.Kindle in hand. Sat outside for two hours reading and enjoying the heat. All in all it was a wonderful morning. A nap in the afternoon after onion rings. I was going to go back out but the nap took a little longer than I was expecting. Had the groggy feeling but made some coffee and was feeling a little more in tune with reality.
I have been open that my addiction to pills in the past were a coping mechanism. Abused as a child I was running so hard and for so long that inevitably I was going to crash and either die or burn. I burned in a conflagration so hot and fast burning through myself and coming out stronger and better…..more accepting of self and mistakes. Growing ever onward. Work in progress forever more.
I have had many a conversation about the abuse I faced. Not detailing it as my brain is still in protective mode. Which again I am totally fine with. I don’t want nor need to know the extent. The damage done was horrific enough I do not need to tramp down that pathway. I have made strides in my life. In happiness. In not forgetting the past but in handling it and moving on.
My addiction to alcohol to pills has always been to deal with the pain. To blur the edges so to speak. Yesterday offered me a glimpse of what else the use of alcohol has been doing for me? Not sure if that is how to look at it but it is what I am doing.
I was speaking with a friend about sexual abuse. I am not going to give details. All I am going to say is that I discovered that I had the kids mixed up in my head. Age wise.
It triggered me. Nothing that lasted long. A brief flash. Enough though to cause me to gasp and tear up. Fear lanced me and for a moment I could not breath. I had to take a moment from our conversation. And I told her why. Just that I needed a minute to regroup.
I am tired of running away. Tired of being scared of what is in this thick noggin of mine. Alcohol makes me forget. And when I am alone with too much time on my hands to think I suppose subconsciously I was still blurring the edges.
I am scared. I am not going to lie. There are a lot of things in this head of mine that I have been carting around for years. Eons some of it feels like.
But this is a journey…..
My journey in a life that is tailor made for me and me alone.
©August 17/20
Picture is my own