And onto the Next Year

Today is 730 days.

Two full years to the day since I quit drinking.

I used alcohol to hide myself and was drinking myself to death when I decided enough was enough.

And now two years later I am so proud of what I have done and who I am becoming. Wanted to brag on myself a bit.

Happy Sunday all.

©July 17/22

It’s a Doozy

I flipped the t.v. on after working out and turned to Disney+.

Usually I would just turn on The Simpsons. However I noticed a new one called Single Drunk Female. About a 20 something woman who is an alcoholic. She gets herself into trouble and has to return home after a stint in rehab.

I am on episode 4 already and really enjoying it. I would recommend it whole heartedly.

And the fact that I am 634 days sober makes it relatable.

April 13/22

Picture via Pexels

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