Fire reigns down
Vivid slashes
Burn streaks across the sky.
Upon the earth
Stands Warrior true
A deep desire to cleanse the earth....
Of rot
Of corruption
Of death and denial
Of men who are so afraid to lose control
That they retain power
Using words to convince the world
That they are needed
They are required
To keep the machinations of the land
Running like clockwork
While holding out their hands.
Lips spread in disingenuous smile
Vile breath
A black death
To all it touches.
Sacred land
Savage slashes to black earth
Rain falls
Sizzling soil
Nutrients reduced
Molds rising
Blanketing all in corruption.
No one even tried
To hold it at bay.

©May 11/23

When A…..

Woman knows a little bit of a lot of things she becomes dangerous.

Not to herself but to the people trying to play games with her.

Beware the woman who smiles pleasantly and bends over backwards to acommodate you.

Don’t fuck with her on that tightrope because you will lose.

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