ATM Etiquette

I realize in the big city it is different given that most banks have more than one ATM but mine does not. It has one ATM in the lobby.

Sunday morning I had to stop and deposit some money into my account. When I pulled up a gentleman was getting out of his van with his pup. I puttered a bit thinking that he would go in and do his stuff and then I would be able to do my thang. (Yes I did that on purpose)

My puttering was for naught. As I got to the door so did the gentleman and he told me to go ahead of him as he had several bills to pay. I should also add that he is a customer but not one of those customers that I would chat with.

I enter into the lobby and put my sunglasses down and suddenly realized, that he was in the foyer with me.

This foyer maybe 10×10 if that not large. And he was standing behind me. I fumbled my first attempt to deposit the cash. Had to take the bills and straighten them out and try to reinsert them. Meanwhile this gentleman is talking away to me.

While I did not worry about my safety, I was uncomfortable. Generally, if there are people waiting for the ATM the one person using the machine is in the room. Then we line up in the small foyer and out the door if needed. Never do you stand in the same area as the ATM because it is so damn small when someone else is using it.

I thought maybe I was being overly sensitive but when I spoke to K about it, she was horrified and could not believe that he had stood in there.

Vindication! Although she did laugh at my ATM Etiquette line.

Nov. 29/22

Picture via Pexel Free Photos

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