Gardner’s Delight

Mistress Mary,
Quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells.
And Cockle Shells.
With Pretty Maids in a row.
That my kind sir
is how my garden does grow.
no one really knows
the role I play
the role I take;
my garden
well tended
blooms with wildflowers,
all that is good
and bad
in between.
We have been playing
game of cat and mouse
I lead,
you follow
soon dear
I shall reap.
Eyes shot through
hands tremor
saliva burned into the corner of your lip
bulbous nose
whisky ridden
oily grey hair
no longer sure
how I will enter.
Slithering behind
last you heard
as my blade cleared its sheath
stabbing you straight through the eye
as you turned
and tried to fire.
Mistress Mary
Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?
Will silver bells.
And cockle shells.
And all those dead men
set in a row.
©Nov. 8/22
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Untitled Dark Poem #10

Cat or mouse
huntress or prey
which shall I be
if you have your way?
Will I become voiceless
another broken body
found amongst the weeds?
Will I become torn
shredded and degraded
found amongst the building’s debris?
Will I become nameless
another woman
suddenly gone from this world
family to never know?
Did you feel that?
Look into my eyes
what do you see
lurking deep inside?
See the evil
the deadly design
I will come for you
hunt you
haunt you
until the bitter end.
Be it at the end of a rope
or a blade across the wrist
know that your death
a manufactured suicide
was just a game
played for my pleasure;
I only let you think that you would win.
©May 11/22
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