Sunshine Finally

Forest fires to the west of us has kept this week, while warming, hazy and the breeze, okay, the wind was gusty.

Today though has been beautiful.

Okay it is still windy. But the sun finally emerged and I got to sit outside. Have begun Closing Credits by Martin Turnbull. It is the last book in The Garden of Alla series.

It is not going to take me long to finish. And then I will say good bye to the characters forever. 😥😥😥

And Another One

Oh I am so excited!!!!

Last evening my friend and author Den came out for dinner. We sat and talked and talked.

He suggested giving me a deadline to write. That is not very good because me and deadlines are like this:

Deadline-Watch t.v.-Think about writing-Maybe read-Play Games on phone-Think about writing-Procrastinate at its finest-Day before deadline-sit down and churn out.

Same during high school with any papers. But he has all the faith in me that I can write. I also showed him my small book of ideas.

Most exciting of all is he gifted me with book two in his Drunk Slutty Elf collection. I am looking forward to bathtime and reading.

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