More Than A Little

I am more than a little addicted to books.

I add books to my Kindle daily.

I have even taken to getting samples of books that I think that I might like to read but do not want to spend money on without being sure.

As of right now I have some 1500+ books and samples on my Kindle. I am beginning to think that I need to not be allowed to download any more books until I make a dent in these ones. Of course that would mean not looking at the book offers I receive daily.

The Fussy Librarian and Freebooksy are amazing sites.

I am off tomorrow. Will make the effort to finish my book on Catherine the Great; it is the first in a series. The second book I have read on her and both have been exceptionally written. I need to see about getting the others.

July 26/22

Memes all found on Coffee and A Good Book page on Facebook

Wish List

I have a list. A wish list on Amazon, upon which are all the books I want but cannot afford to purchase at one time.

Once a day I check my list. I switch the view from its default of the last book added to the list to price from low to high. Every so often one of the books on my list will drop to $0.00 and appear at the top of the list. Today was such a day.

Now though I have also discovered that it pays to also scroll through the list because every so often slightly more expensive books, the ones in the $4-6 range will become free. I am not sure why they do not appear at the top of the list but I do a scroll and today another one had dropped.

That makes two books on my wish list that were free today. How totally awesome is that?

April 8/22

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