Me? A Smartass? And busted!

I had a very fun and interesting day yesterday. Not that I was busy with orders because I was not but it was the interactions that I had that were my highlights.

I will start off with the busted!

Last year right before we went into another lockdown I had promised one of my gf’s daughter that I would take her for ice cream and a sleepover for her birthday. Needless to say our plans were put on hold and then the new school year began.

Fast forward to yesterday. I came back inti the store after being at Dollarama and there they were. V and T. Really it is V & V but everyone calls her by the diminutive of her name. I also got hit with a customer was there for curb pick up.

I whipped over to say a quick hello before bolting for the back. And T looked me dead in the face and says: You said you were going to take me for ice cream and did not!.

V starts laughing and says busted!

I grabbed T and hugged her laughing. Reminded her that a sleepover was also on deck and asked what was up next Thursday. I am off at noon and on a small long weekend. I am going to pick T up after work and go for ice cream and she is coming for sleepover.

When I walked away T was smiling and all the ladies around were smiling and laughing softly at me. I mean I got called out loudly by an 8 year old about not keeping my promise.

A year late is better than not at all 🤣🤣

The other half of my story takes us back down to Dollarama. I needed two more books for writing in and taking notes. A sketchbook for drawing. I do not draw but am learning how to make sigils and there are other aspects of myself I want to draw or color.

I also needed a new pot for my lavender shrub. It is amazing and I definately need to transplant it into a pot. Also need to do some trimming of it but that is a story for another day. Given I need to read up on how.

I was walking towards the checkouts with my new purple pot and the notebooks. I see one of our regular customers and she sees me. I smile and she stops and asks me: Excuse me can you tell me where the marshmallows are?

I looked at her and smiled. Without missing a beat I said: I can tell you where to find them in Sobeys but not here.

She looks at me. Looks at my name tag attached to my green apron that says Sobeys across the front. That and the fact I was wearing black pants and white shirt. At Dollarama they can wear whatever with their little half Dollarama apron.

My but you are a smart lady!

Pretty sure she meant I was a smartass but hey…..if you cannot actually ‘see’ anything beyond a uniform I will most definitely be a smartass. And besides I was on my lunch in another store entirely. I can get away with being a bit of a smartass.

©July 13/22

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