Do I miss him?

Maybe a little.

T left for his dad’s Monday morning. He will not return to me until Aug. 28th. Day before my birthday.

It has been quiet without him here. I have caught myself a couple of times about to call something out to him.

On the upside though, less dishes to wash. So much easier to keep a tidy house when you do not have a giant galoot roaming around. However there is only me to do the chores.

When he comes home we have a full week together and then he starts high school after the long weekend. I am more nervous than he is I know that much. And poor boy has teachers and guidance counsellors that shop with us. He will not be able to get away with anything. Not that I really am worried, I am pretty confident that he is a good kid.

I did eat two extra pieces of his cake leaving him with one slice to share with his buddy. Ice cream cake. Cookies and Cream. To die for. Chocolate. And I love me some chocolate.

August 12/22


I look longingly at you

so strong

so close

the temptation of your scent

I want nothing more

than to be in your embrace.

I lick my lips

flutter my lashes

hoping that you come closer.

Every night you enter my dreams

every day I wish you could fill my needs.

Anticipation runs high

as I wait out this diet

counting the days

until I can taste the chocolate desire.

Picture via: Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

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