Car Fairies

It was -40 Thursday morning. Damn cold anyway you look at it.

Standing at the window I hit the command start and waited. It tried once. The lights flashed. But it did not start. It tried it again. I was beginning to panic a wee bit. Lights flashed. The car still did not start.

I was putting my jacket on, gearing up to go outside when the rear lights lit up, exhaust started flowing through the morning air. I decided to let it run a full 15 minutes to let the battery warm up.

Before I left I ran it for another 10.

The blast of air that encompassed me as I stepped out the door would have made a polar bear sit up and notice. I opened the car door and put everything in. I stepped back and moved to unplug the car.

Which was not plugged in.

My car started at -40 without being plugged in. My car fairies must have been working overtime Wednesday night.

***Picture is evening Temperature***

Not A Single One

Took the car to the ex’s Friday for him to look at how much damage I racked up on rhe car. Prior to leaving I was talking to mom and began to say I really hope when I stopped and said nope the ture will be fixed. The ex will be able to do it for me.

I overfilled the tires a bit because I did not know if it was possible to lose air much faster driving on it. Not only did it not pop I made it to the ex’s in one piece. Which is always a good thing.

While the ex and L ran into town for some things T was instructed to get the car up on hoist. And take tire off the rim. Which HD instructed his buddy to do lol

Once the tire was off the rim the ex returned and gave it a better once over.

Thankfully it was not bent as much as he had first believed. Heating it up he was able to hammer the bend out. Tire fixed.

Up the car went a little higher. They began to look at the underside of the car. The front grill had cracked so they pulled what was loose and zip tied the rest up.

There was no damage to the car.

I was extremely lucky and know it.

This morning as I was heading to the store to grocery shop I could see the intersection glistening with ice. I slowed down and tapped the brake softly but still began to slide. I decided to hell with it and ran the red light. I was not going to take any chances.

Dec. 26/22

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