Yes He Is Spoiled

I had to laugh the other day. Twice as I was scrolling through the Reels on Facebook I came across a: The object to your left (first time) and to your right (second time) is spoiled rotten. Guess who was to the left and right of me? Loki, both times.

Both he and Thomas love belly rubs from me. They roll over onto their backs well Loki rolls over in my arms, and allow me to scratch their tummies. Lucky will roll over on her back and show me her belly but will not allow for the rubs. While being very doggish in behaviour it is also indicative the fact that they trust me to protect them.

I had another reel pop up with cat facts that I found to be very interesting.

If a cat sleeps at your head it means that they believe you are their mom and it is grooming time.

If a cat sleeps at your feet it means they believe you are their kitten and need to be protected at all times.

If a cat lays on you it is because you are their belonging and you are living for free in their space.

Lucky. Thinks I am her mom.

Thomas. Thinks I am his kitten.

Loki. Thinks I belong to him. Which totally fits with the fact that he chose me to be his person.

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