A New Baby in the House

Before y’all start getting excited I am referring to Loki.
The new kitten.
For those arriving late to the show Tember rescued three kittens two weeks ago.
Two of those kittens Blackie and Itty Bitty (our names) went to their new home together on Monday.
They are settling in well.
Loki is a terror.
Somehow I managed to be adopted by the smartest silliest rambunctious little miniature tiger I have laid eyes on.
When he is awake he is running all over the place.
Chases Thomas. Who will chase him back. Then Thomas will knock him over and show him who is boss.
Loki has been crying and I would get up and chase Thomas away. Yesterday he did this and I went over to give him rubs after Thomas ran off. To discover that there is not a single wet piece of fur on his neck. He is faking so Thomas gets into trouble. I have called him on it and there will be no mom riding to the rescue again.
I think Loki did manage to scratch Thomas’ eye during play fighting. His eye is a little weepy and though open you can tell it is bugging him.
Thomas will not allow me to look at it though. He still has not forgiven me for bringing Loki into our home. He is pouting now.
Lucky is the quintessential older sister. Hisses at him when he encroaches on her space yet wanted to play hide and seek with him last night.
Until she realized that mom was watching. Smack and hiss. Leaving poor Loki a little confused to say the least.
We are presently in the begging whiny stage for food. Not a fan.
We are still in the stage of having fun…..having fun……having fun…..fall over in spot asleep. Other day right in the middle of the floor collapsed and out.
We are at the stage of must bite/clean/lick/bite mom’s ears/lips/nose/face while she is asleep at 3:30 a.m.
We are at the stage of waking mom up at 12:20 a.m. because it is play time!
Friday night I woke up slowly but I do wake up feeling like something is pricking my leg. So I move my leg. Again just after midnight I am allowed to be slow. Prick. Prick. Prick.
Now I am confused. I sit up flip the blanket back and Loki is laying there looking up at me all innocent like. Seriously??????
We are in the ‘mom…..mom……mom where did you go?’ crying stage.
We are in the watching us in the bathroom stage. Loves loves the toilet for some reason. But Thomas does also. Watches the water swirl away.
All my complaints are in jest.
I love my fur babies.
I spoil my fur babies.
And while cats are known for being independent and snotty in a cat way mine are not.
All three are attention whores.
Headbutting/bite your fingers/claw at your arm/shove head under hand/climb on lap attention whore kitties.
But they are my needy attention wanting kitties and I would not change them for the world.
©August 2/20
Pictures/Video are my own
Cat tree was purchased for them by a friend of mine. 🙂


Do you see these two?

With eyes that glow in the dark

do not be fooled

they are not as cute as you think they are.

Do you smell the poo?

Well can you?

Who would ever guess

in a million years

that something so small

so furry

would make that god awful stench?

They look at me and wait

knowing that I will gag upon my fate

with scoop in hand

and mask upon my face

I excavate the offending poop

while they wait.