Turkey? Chicken? No Cheese!

Saturday night I woke up around midnight when T got up to use the bathroom. I laid there realizing that I was hungry and wanted a snack. Better yet my large minion was already up and I could have him get it for me. I waited patiently for him to come out.

Me: T can you get me some turkey? (Brow furrows) No some chicken? Omg what is wrong with me? Cheese! Please get me some cheese.

T (laughing): Um mom I was just going to say we have no turkey or chicken. Cheese we do.

I laid there in the dark softly chortling to myself. I have to wonder what I was dreaming about that turkey and chicken factored into my request.

T brought me my cheese. Lucky came in crying behind him because she wanted cheese. I laid there contentedly ate my snack and went back to sleep.

June 27/22

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