Pretty Baby

Hush pretty baby
don't you dare cry
your new mama
she will poke out your eye.
One day
warm comfort stolen away
cold cell
bare mattress
chained to the floor
crying tears
screaming for mommy;
the shock 
glassy eyed
paraded before
auctioned off
to the highest bidder.
Fear builds
can never walk the walk
talk the talk.
Sass earns you a backhand
a needle in the arm
barely conscious
but no one cares
you are meat
a commodity
thrown to the wayside
when your uses are over.
Hush pretty baby
don't you cry
your new mama
she will let you die.

©March 6/23

It Will Happen

drip from eyes
fall to chin
hollow pain
bringing me to my knees
head forward
as I sob
nothing has hurt more
than this
feeling discarded
even though
I know
deep within
this is not the truth
pain roils
never ending.
Tears continue to seep
stand beneath the shower
how could this happen
when I had given so much
bringing forth life…..
I knew this day would come
when I was no longer number one
independence gained
mom’s loss
tender pain
does it ever end?
Or will I cry these tears forever?
A river.
An ocean.
It hurts.
©Nov. 26/22
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