Day Light Savings Time-A Decision Must be made

I hate the time switch. Unless I am gaining an hour but when I lose that hour it puts my next two days out of whack.

This morning it took me forever to get out of bed. I do not recall the alarm going off at 4 but did wake up shortly after when K messaged me. I was a little perplexed as to why my alarm did not go off. Figured I was tired so I turned it off.

Reset alarm to 5. Shortly after 5 I receive another text, which wakens me, not my alarm.

Reset alarm to 6:15.

Was up shortly before that. Checked my phone and it turns out that I had turned the sound off, which explains the not hearing my alarm.

Turned phone up. Do not want that mistake tomorrow.

At work my day sped by and yet I felt behind.

I still feel behind. Not sure why.

But this time change this is to blame for the rest of it. For my headache I had at work. For feeling discombobulated and unmoored. For not being able to get up in the morning.

It is time. (HA HA Pun was not intended but hey…..)

A choice really does need to be made. Either one or the other, Daylight Savings which I am down with as I don’t mind extra sunlight in the evening, is I do believe the one everyone is wanting.

Just waiting on the US to decide before Canada will change theirs.

A Little Afrighted

Bitten nails
digging into bleeding palms
sweat gathers
pooling beneath taut back
eyes wide with fear
smell of alcohol
cigarette hangs from his mouth
leaning in close
leer on his lips
searing pain
scream wrenched free
stabbing inside
needle sharp
blood gushes forth
he stands
runs for the door
leaving her to die
to bleed out on the floor.
Countless stories
multitudes of tales
each one more graphic than the last.
Women dying
by the scores
unable to save themselves.
these battered tales
take place in 2022.
©June 28/22
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