Ghosts Maybe?

I am sitting here when suddenly I can hear this noise. Like a cat kinda pawing at something. But I looked and there was no cat under the table.

Loki had come into the living room and was also staring at the table. And I heard it again. But it was like something brushing against something solid. I looked behind me and Lucky was still there. I called for Thomas. Loki looked at me and than the table.

I stood up. My thought was is something happening to the drywall? Is that what I am hearing is a crack forming of detting bigger. Mind that would have to be a fine delicate ceack forming to go along with the sound I was hearing.

I have black garbage bags cut open and spread over my painting/plant table. Helps contain dirt and paint. In cutting them open when I laid them put two of the ‘handles’ were hanging loose. And that is what was making the noise.

The heat was on and blowing the plastic. As it moved against the wall that was the swishing I heard. Had a good chuckle. And promptly tucked the handles under the plastic so it will not bother me again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍

And The Customer is…..

I have this one customer who drives me absolutely insane. When he speaks to me I want to run away screaming. The inanity that comes out of his mouth at times is boggling. And then recently I discovered that he also makes deliveries to the store.

Today I was facing in the cereal aisle when he came along. I did not even realize he was there at first. In the aisle. And then I heard his voice. I tucked my head down figuring that I would be safe. But no.

C: Why don’t you have the same specials as Wal-mart?

Me (eyes blinking rapidly): Um because we are not Wal-mart?

C: And Sobeys is expensive.

I bit my tongue hard. It took everything in me to not tell him that he could go and shop at Wal-mart if he found us so expensive. Instead I took a deep breath and continued to work.

C: Sorry for being so stupid.

Me: I would not say that you are being stupid. But we do not run the same specials.

C: Well and we all know customers are always wrong.

Me: I would not say that.

He wandered out of the aisle and I went back to facing. Suddenly there he was again showing me a can of strawberry rhubarb pie filling and exclaiming how his mother in law had told him that he could find it there. I smiled and commented that I did not bake. Neither does he but it makes a great topping. On what I did not ask.

After he left I finished off the aisle and tidied up. I knew that one of my curb customers would have placed his order and went to print it off. Ordered the bread and cookies I needed for tomorrow as well as pulled the grocery part of the order.

That took me to the end of my shift and home I came to a very quiet apartment. And it will remain so for the next week. T is at his dad’s until next Monday. Am going to have to get use to the fact that he is not going to be here two weeks out of the month.

I worked out and made steak and corn for dinner. Chilling on the couch watching Criminal Minds and counting down until holidays. Which begin on Thursday at 10 a.m. 10 days off. Lots of reading. Writing. And getting my peace back.

I no longer have a mask to hide the cursing.

May 16/22

Picture found on Facebook

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