Willfully Blind

It saddens me more and more when I read the news or hear accounts that so much is done to deny the reality.
Deny the truth.
Deny. Deny. Deny.
In Alberta the top doctor and government have made the decision that Covid is gone.
As of Aug. 16th the Alberta gov’t will no longer trace positive Covid cases.
There will be no close contacts told.
As a matter of fact even if you test positive for Covid you do not have to self-isolate.
Go to work.
Go to the bar.
Go the football/hockey games.
Do not social distance.
You don’t need to wear a mask.
As a matter of fact from the sounds of it they are planning a full on return to pre-pandemic life.
Despite the fact that Alberta is reporting some of its highest Covid case counts and the rate of infection is climbing to heights not previously seen during the entirety of the pandemic.
Here in my very own province of Manitoba yet another idiot Catholic priest has hit the headlines.
Once more denying the truth of the devastation of Residential schools.
How survivors were lying to get more money.
That the priests and nuns were not the perperators of the said abuse but custodial staff.
Not only did he make these statements but he made them during a church sermon which was also posted on line.
He also made jokes about shooting those writing graffiti on the churches.
And this statement that I really like ‘if you are poor it is hard not to lie’.
Pardon me?
Take your asinine beliefs and yourself off for sensitivity training.
Also keep your fucking mouth shut if you have in no way had to endure the abuse, the neglect, the deaths of innocence.
Once more it becomes apparent that the Catholic church loves to collect ignorant men.
The icing on the cake was an article which laid out how instead of paying the residential school survivors millions of dollars were spent instead on lawyers, a private fundraising company, administration and unapproved loans. (As per an article by Jason Warick-CBC News)
There are so many contradictions to the Catholic Church financials in Canada that it has lead to concern.
Yet the other church lead residential schools; Anglican, United and Presbyterian not never engaged in these types of tactics but paid the full amounts quickly and quietly.
Makes one wonder about the truth of religion.
Is it about the money or the people?
There are a lot of lips flapping about who is right and who is wrong.
The rest of Canada is wondering what is going on in Alberta.
Doctors around the country cannot fathom this absurdity.
Everyone is waiting to see if their return to ‘normality’ is going to be the best thing to happen or the worst.
Are we going to have to close our internal borders again to keep Covid from spreading?
I am not all the optimistic in regards to either.
In Alberta as the Delta variant picks up speed how many are going to have to die before they decide it is possible a mistake was made?
How many beds are going to be filled and will they need to send patients out of province to other health facilities as Manitoba had to during the peak of our third wave?
How many children are going to become infected and end up with long term effects?
The Catholic Church will continue its blatant disregard for life and healing.
Collecting millions from collection plates, building more cathedrals, more ostentatious building from which to preach the word of a carpenter.
A man who decried the merchants and money makers who were using the temple as a ‘den of thieves’.
And yet you have a church that steals the lives and money of so many.
In each case there is willful blindness.
Willful ignorance.
Where does it end?
And how do we make it better?
©July 30/21
Picture is my own

When It No Longer Makes Sense

More children found in unmarked graves.
Torn from the arms of mothers and fathers.
Striped of their identities; self.
To remake them in the image of the church’s god.
A white god.
A human allowed to die in agonizing pain because god was the answer to cure the cancer that ate away at her.
Locked away in the back room.
Screams no longer able to be uttered.
She begged until her throat was raw for anything to relieve her pain.
Yet was not allowed for it went against the teachings of the church.
When written that way almost sounds as though I am writing the blurb for a book.
However it is not.
Those are blurbs for articles I read yesterday.
The catholic church still has yet to offer an apology.
Not apologizing for the priests or nuns but apologizing that as an institution it had a hand in these evils that were built.
I realize it is not as simple as that however it is a damn good place to start.
But when you believe that you can do no wrong and really would like to shove this whole huge mess under the rug (much like they do with pedophile priests) it is hard to say the words I am sorry.
That means that you have to admit that words you took from the bible; phrases used to justify your actions; which you accredited to a higher power were wrong.
Either the god you serve is a narcissistic and evil who cares nothing for the people who worship at his feet or y’all fucked up in your interpretations.
Someone has to suck it up and be a man.
In the second instance one might think that I am going a little over the top.
Yet I am not.
Part of what I wrote is based on an article I read last night from a woman who escaped the church out in my area.
A church that demeans its members.
A church that allows no moving pictures.
A church where men are the be all end all.
A church using hell to frighten small children.
A church that does not believe in science.
The other part is I am aware of the person whom she is referring to.
And I ask how when one can see that prayer is not working can you refuse to aid in pain control?
Watching a person being eaten from the inside out whittling away until at the time of death their skin is stretched so taut; so yellow that they appear a mummy-eyes sunken into their head and still you ignore their pleas for help I have to wonder how does one sleep at night?
How inhumane to allow a person to suffer in such agonizing and excruciating pain offering up prayers to ease them.
I am fully aware that how I view things is totally different than how the next person to me does.
Differing ideas and opinions are what make this world go ’round.
I also know that my disgust and indignation at these two organized groups is my own and again others will see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with either situations as described.
I cannot change the world.
I cannot even change how my son thinks never mind anyone else but if I choose to sit on the sidelines; reading articles and not feeling a sense of sorrow/empathy/outrage/anger/pain-the list goes on-I may as well say I too agree.
I agree with the mentality we saw and still see.
I do not.
Which is why I write about them.
Why I write about how they so sicken me.
Thank you for allowing me a brief moment of rant in your daily read.
I know I can be strident and sound as though I have all the answers.
I don’t.
What I do have is a big heart and a need to write out the pain I find as I read these stories.
©June 24/21
Picture is my own
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