Dark Tide

Can a city be evil? Not the people that live within its boundaries but the city itself.

Dark shadows caress the windows, vlred down brick even as the sun glares down. Charred jagged towers spear the sky teeth gnawing away insidiously at the smallest bit of hope.

Greens seem muted, grass, leaves, greys and blacks edge the flowerbeds, death would be at home, walking these bittered paths. Somber notes play as wind slithers through wind chimes.

A deep hatred flows through the streets. Paving crossroads and crosswalks. Malignant it can be felt at every turn of the tide.

Nov. 5/22

Around Town

A few pictures of my city when out and about.

I did not know this peaceful spot existed next to the hospital.
Beautiful Hanging Baskets at the entrance to one of the graveyards. There were a total of four. Two in each color.
Base of City Water Tower
Middle part I got a little dizzy
Ball on top of Water Tower
I shrunk the Tower so y’all could see it in one piece.

Top Picture: The Fire Hall is beautiful for our volunteer firepeople. We even have a lookout deck. You note it faces West. The Hall itself is located at the east end of town near the water tower. Our city is growing South, North and West.

Sept. 9/22

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