Grocery Etiquette 102

It takes nothing. Nothing at all to approach an employee and let them know that you dropped an item on the floor. Yogurt. Sour Cream. Cottage Cheese. In-store made Fettuccine Alfredo. If it makes a mess please, please let us know.

Today a customer let me know that someone had dropped a thing of sour cream on the floor. And left it there. I smiled tersely and thanked them for letting me know. I left my cart at walked around the corner.

Sure enough there was sour cream smeared on the floor. The container had been pushed over to the side. Part of me thinks that the lady who told me rolled through the sour cream. Big smear on the floor. I grabbed the container getting sour cream on my hand. Ick!!!!

I took the container to the back and left it there. In damages.

I walked to floral and grabbed a handful of paper towel. Turning the corner to aisle 10 I am confronted by the sight of another customer standing in the sour cream. Not over it. In it.

Me: Excuse me but you are standing in the sour cream that I need to clean up.

She looked down. Sure enough she was standing right in it.

Customer: Oh you are right. I was so intent on finding the sour cream for myself I did not notice it on the floor.

Then she wiped her foot on the ground smearing the sour cream she had been standing in.

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