Let There Be Coffee

Nothing is better than brewed coffee.
It is the juice that makes Jay a very civilized person in the morning.
And afternoon.
Rumors of my cutting down have been greatly exaggerated.
January 23/21.
The Day Southern Manitoba has been waiting for.
An easement in the restrictions.
Stores could now open up (25% of normal occupancy or 250 people which ever is lower) and sell anything.
I had planned to be at Walmart for 8 a.m.
Ended up closer to 9.
Initially the whole purpose was to see if I could find a kettle and burner.
Found a kettle for a great price but no burner.
Found the exact same coffee maker I had but for the silver front cover so I took that as well.
Looked at bras.
Ha those need to be tried on for looking at those B cups and then at myself one of them looks way too big and it ain’t me.
Did find my Collagen pills.
Rather Wal-marts brand but it is all the same.
And then I saw them.
Well first I saw a Unicorn Llama.
While standing debating I saw them.
Originally was only going to buy one but had to take two.
The lady behind me in the line up commented on how children like soft stuffies.
Me: I am not going to lie they are both for me.
She did not know how to respond.
They have been named Hocus and Pocus.
Absolutely fits.
Second time that I have used the self-checkouts and while still a little scared of them I am getting better.
Off to Sobeys for a three items.
Whipping Cream.
Added on:
Lotto tickets.
Popped into Pet Valu.
I was going in to get Loki a little ball to play with.
I left with:
a pack of 3 cat nip balls.
A bed to put on the counter for Thomas to lie on.
A tent bed for either Loki or Lucky to sleep in.
Neither have indicated a like for it but that will change.
When I arrived home I woke T and made him come hang out with me.
He laid on the couch watching me unpack and set things up.
Informed me that it looked as though I had spent a lot of money.
He is great at saving his own money.
Because everything is connected to my bank account and when he makes purchases on his Xbox I pay for it.
Great thing is I can go into his account and email the amount back to myself.
Maybe that is something I will teach him how to do today.
I swept and vacuumed yesterday.
Which has exacerbated the shoulder.
Which had been exacerbated already with the fall.
So this morning I am chilling on the couch and enjoying my coffee.
Emmie/Emmellia is poking out her head a little more aggressively.
She wants me to tell her story in poems and long form.
Seeing as how I have not written a long story since I was 17 (so 31 years) I do not know where to start.
Also for myself this is a hard write.
There are going to be scenes that I cringe at writing.
Scenes that are going to be cringy to read/to edit.
Scenes that no one wants to think about.
Her story is not a pretty one.
Her story is not a perfect one.
Her story is one that she is adamant must be told.
Eventually I will figure it out but between subject matter and writing again in story length but Emmie is not a patient one.
Well she is.
Emmellia is not.
Have a wonderful Sunday all.
Noon today I am off for a massage.
Back home to couch to relax and nap after.
Decided that I am going to give T an easy day.
No chores.
Other than the litter boxes.
And feeding the cats.
But other than that he has a free day.
©Jan. 24/21
Pictures/Video are my own

Chickens Begin to Die in 10

Well I just got myself a lesson.
Before I get to the bulk of this post I will explain.
I always thought that being ignorant meant knowing that something is wrong and doing it anyways.
Because you want to.
It is not though.
The word for that is immoral.
Don’t believe me I will wait while you go and look it up.
I typed ‘what it is called when a person does something knowing that it is wrong’.
Let that sink in for a moment.
What has set Miss Priss off this morning many of you must be groaning.
Get that next cup of coffee.
I will wait.
And a few more for those who know that it is a good idea to throw on another pot before beginning our morning chat.
I am not even going to go off too too badly.
Four headlines.
All stories dealing with Covid.
And stupidity.
I am not going to identify any areas save for my own.
City being sued by religious bodies to allow in-house service.
Because we all know packing people into small spaces in not conducive to passing along the virus. (Can you hear the heavy sarcasm?)
Nope it is all good.
Let’s pray.
Let’s hope that we are protected.
Let’s hope that entire congregations are not wiped out.
Police had to change the locks on a restaurant.
Change the locks on a person’s business.
Said individual defied public health orders and remained open for dine in service.
Orders put in place to protect the public.
Do I think that is going too far?
This individual and all supporters are putting lives at risk.
It must stop.
In 1 month provincial Humans Rights Commission have had between 50-100 calls with regards to how masks are a violation of a person’s right.
Boo hoo.
I totally understand having a medical exemption.
What I find violating is that these individuals have no reason to not wear one other then they are being told to.
So they are choosing to harm others.
On purpose.
Granted not all are going to be carriers.
Not all are even going to get sick.
But there will be some.
Who will never realize how far reaching this devastation can be.
Local Church to hold another Sunday Service in defiance of the Public Health Orders in place.
As all who read my blog know there was an anti mask rally put on in the city I live in.
Organized by a church.
This church which is located outside the city but shares a close name to a church within the city.
A church that is drawing the ire of not only residents of the city but across the province as well.
The pastor is worried about the church being vandalized.
He has been on the news and a notice has gone out on their Facebook page.
The spokesperson for the other church (which also defied orders and held service last Sunday and was calling for people to come out this Sunday as well) shrugged his shoulders and said that has nothing to do with us.
See as I said at first I thought ignorance was a good word for these actions.
Except that ignorance means lacking knowledge or information.
None of these groups/people are lacking knowledge.
Absolutely none of these groups/people are lacking in information.
Cases are still climbing in our health region.
Our ICU is overtaxed.
And than we are faced with this immoral behaviour.
This outrage is not even for myself.
And if people out there think that I am skipping around throwing flowers like a Cheerful Cherry think again.
I am tired.
Tired of not not being on all the time at work.
Tired of only having T to hug.
I love giving hugs.
I give great hugs.
No offense to the boy but I need to hug others.
I have lost two more customers in the last five days.
That does not include the 8 or so who have passed within the last two days.
Their obits are not out yet.
Another one of my regular customers came through my till.
Second gentleman to have survived his bout with Covid.
Of my list I can now remove one of my seniors.
He came in today.
The day I last served him was the day he had to go into quarantine.
I almost cried when I saw him.
Prior to being ill these gentlemen were robust and healthy.
Now they look frail.
They look older.
Some of the vim that bubbled out of them is missing.
But they are the lucky ones.
And they know that.
This is a disease that is ravaging our elderly.
Ravaging them.
All one has to do is look at how quickly it is ripping through Care homes.
However it is also beginning to rip through Senior Housing (apartments/condos for seniors not sure what else to call it) where all the seniors are healthy individuals with active lives.
My outrage is for them.
My mom (sorry mom) falls in this category and the fact that people are out there spreading their germs willy nilly pisses me right off.
Willy nilly.
What a funny word.
Willy nilly definition:  adverb
                                               in a disorganized or unplanned manner; sloppily.                                                                 whether one wishes to or not; willingly or unwillingly
Willy nilly. A fun word doing a scary thing.
Immoral: Knowingly doing something wrong.
Rant is now over.
I guess I should explain the title.
Ex messaged offering to make T and I supper tonight or tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have eye appointment but thought he might like to hang out with T for day.
Making arrangements and explaining eye and dental appointments.
Out of nowhere this text arrives:
It has taken us a long time but I can say that the Ex and I are good friends.
He is and always will be one of my closest friends.
And besides what better example can we set then to show T that it is possible to be a family even when your parents get divorced.
Have a fabulous Friday loves.
©Nov. 27/20
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