Sorry For The Short Note

I have a cold. Which makes writing a bit of a struggle.

Now you probably are thinking if she is having difficulty writing and is sick why is she even bothering to post anything? Because I told myself that I would post something every day and did not want to break my streak.

I have a great post planned but I need to be able to focus on the screen and make sure the words are coherent.

And for those who might be worried I have Covid I have taken two tests both of which came back negative. I even know where I caught the cold. And it was my bad. I chose to not wear my mask. And well it is Friday evening and I just had cereal for supper because I don’t have the energy to cook anything else.

Have a fabulous Friday folks.

March 25/22

Oh What a Morning!

The above picture is mine. Taken this morning. At about 7:30 this morning. In -23 C (-9.4 F) and those of us who actually followed the fire alarm going off and went outside without jackets it was a tad chilly.

When the alarm went off people were still shopping. Not only did the supervisor on duty have to make an announcement telling them they had to leave he actually had to go and hunt a few down and tell them they had to leave.

It never fails to boggle my mind that when the fire alarm starts ringing that people just continue on as they are. This is not the first time nor will it be the last time but seriously…..from the time we are able to understand it we are taught that the fire alarm means get the hell out. Fire is bad. It does awful things to our bodies. It robs our lungs of air. And when fire meets natural gas KABOOM!

It was nearly 8 by the time we got back into the store. I have not been able to warm up all day. Am so cold, I am beginning to think a nice hot bath and a book might be a good idea.

Feb. 26/22

Picture is my own and via Pinterest

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