Not Bad At All

Few things are known to scare me more than parallel parking. Hate doing it. I will drive around until I can find a space to pull into. Until it becomes apparent that I would need to drive to Timbuktu to find me a spot.

That was me on Tuesday. Trying to find a decent parking space at a hospital that is on a residential street. With all the parking taken up. I was about to despair when low and behold I came upon a spot.

Now, I probably, most likely, could easily have driven into the spot, backed up and forward a time or two and be done. But, I was coming from the doctor’s office, had sobbed in the car, and now was going to parallel park.

One armed. As I was still wearing my sling.

I reversed. I pulled forward. I reversed. I pulled forward. I reversed. I pulled forward. I was done. Then I looked in the passenger side mirror and was still too far from curb. So I reversed and backed up again and then forward pulling in tighter. A little too close to the vehicle in front of me so I backed up. Finally parked. Sweating a little but oh well.

I get out of the car, lock door and hip check it closed. I am walking behind the car when I happen to look into the van that was parked behind me. And the driver was sitting there enjoying his coffee. Which also means that he witnessed my parallel parking job.

As I walked by the passenger side of the van, he looked over and saluted me with his coffee and gave me the best compliment ever:

That is a good job, especially for a one armed bandit.

I smiled at him and said thank you. Little does he know that he helped to make my day better.

Sept. 15/22

Made My Day

I ended up cleaning up the beans and veggies and things like Chef Boyardee & Zoodles. Had two orders but both were regular customers and their orders easy peasy to put together. It has been about six months since the last time I did the can aisle and cleaned up boxes, brought all the product forward. It is so satisfying at the end of the day to stand back and admire my hard work.

As I was working on the shelves customers were going by and chatting with me. Saying hello. Asking where they can find product. And I told them all. My mood had broken plus the Java Monster Energy drink I had at noon kept me awake. Given that someone (that would be Loki) decided that he was going to cry and whine for food. I threw a pillow at him and I think that it might have connected because I heard a little merp.

I felt guilty then and got up. Fed them and decided that I was up may as well start my day. Coffee. Painted. Talk to friends. Played my games on my phone.

Around 6:40ish I began to clean. Got everything done but washing the floors. I will probably end up doing it yet but right now enjoying the couch and coffee. I have to eat soon. But it is so hot I don’t want to cook. Cereal it will be.

Anyhow back to work.

After small traffic jams down the aisle it cleared up for a little bit. No people and I am lost in my own world. One of my regular customers comes along and we begin to chat.

As she is wheeling away from me and I wish her a good day she turns and says:

It always makes my day to see you.

I smiled and probably blushed a little bit. I thanked her and told her how sweet she was.

Today more than made up for the last two days that is for sure.

Aug. 16/22

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