Entitlement:  the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
Given that I am not a citizen of the US I have really worked hard to not put my two cents worth in.
However since the home grown terrorist attack on the Capital Building…..a building that stands for all the the US touts itself as believing in…..
Right to Freedom of Speech.
The Place of the People…..
It is harder to keep my lips sealed.
Let me paint a picture of gleeful white men dancing through a centuries old building sure that this is their right.
This was their house to do with as they saw fit.
Terror was theirs to reign down.
A sense of power that they could bring down the wishes of millions to satisfy one despotic insane man.
Were we going to see a hostage situation with zip ties?
Were we going to see executions if their wishes were not met?
These men laughed and smiled.
Videos were taken.
Videos were posted to social media.
They attacked.
They maimed.
They killed.
And now reality catches up.
You cannot perpetrate an attack of terrorism and whine and cry when you are charged.
You cannot think that the world will sit by while you destroy democracy.
You cannot think that your neighbors/places of employment/family are not going to have something to say.
You may find that they are in fact turning you in.
Now they sit bitter because hey bullshit actions have real consequences something my 12 year old son could have told them.
To the man who was refusing to eat because the food was not organic.
Dude grow the fuck up.
You put yourself out there as the face of this bullshit.
You were front and center.
In my opinion the judge should have said eat what everyone else eats.
Entitlement right there and it is right in front of us.
You don’t want to eat.
You are not going to die.
People do it all the time.
You do not deserve special treatment.
To the man who said he did not steal the envelope he left a quarter for it.
You stole it sir.
You did not have a right to it.
You did not have a right to sit at that desk and put your feet up on it.
You Sir did not have a right to be in that office/in that building at all.
To the ex-Navy Seal who is crying for clemency.
That he is not a terrorist.
Dude there was video on your social media of you talking about entering the building and in fact entering it yourself.
How windows and doors had to be kicked in.
How ‘we were in’.
Now those videos have been deleted.
He was paid a visit by the FBI.
Now swears he was not there to take part but to watch.
Too little too late.
I could go on and on and on.
Every single one of these people believe that they were entitled to behaving like jackasses on the world stage because they were right.
That they alone had the power to decide what it was that was needed to run the country.
That they could actually get away with acting badly like spoiled little children throwing temper tantrums replete with throwing oneself on the floor and kicking feet slamming arms and screaming to get their way.
You know how one deals with a screaming misbehaving toddler…..put them into their room for a timeout.
You know how one deals with screaming terrorists out for blood…..put them into a jail cell for a timeout.
Only this time out is years not hours.
For four years DT has incited sedition and torn the US apart.
From race relations that he has managed to set back decades.
From turning on allies and alining himself with other despotic rulers.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch grown men act as children.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch as a building is swarmed/windows broken/doors kicked in by people who could be my neighbors.
I never in a million years thought that I would sit and watch worrying about the lives of my friends who live in the states for their political ideals.
Never in a million years.
Entitled: No one is deserving of anything based on their color or status.
They must work for it as do the rest of the world.
Just because you cry and whine and pretend that a fact is not a fact only makes you look an ass and beyond stupid.
I am surprised that they still allow you sharp objects.
Like small children needing to be taken to hand that is what these men need to have done.
And hell if their moms don’t want to tell them what a disgrace bumbling stupid asinine jackass they have been I will do it for the cost of a plane ticket and a box of masks.
©Jan. 14/21
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It’s Only 4 or Close your Door!

Yesterday morning was the start of my holidays.
A full day’s worth.
You would think that I would sleep in no?
3:36 a.m.
Loki is crying and comes to drape himself across my neck.
We are cuddling and I am scrolling my headlines when he tries to bite my chin.
Me: Loki stop it. We have had this conversation before. Stop biting my chin!
Of course he ignores me and licks my chin.
Bites it.
 Me: Loki do not bite my chin.
Mumble mumble mumble.
It is not Loki talking.
Me: Tember?
T: Close your door.
Me: What? (getting out of bed and putting slippers on. Turn light on and make bed)
T: Mom go back to bed it is only 4!
Me: Yeah I know but I am awake. LOL and I thought you were telling me to close my door.
T: No mom just wondering why you are awake.
Me: Why are you awake?
T: I was asleep early. Been awake since 3.
He made both pots of coffee.
Damn he makes better coffee than I do.
But I add the fixins better he tells me.
Sit down and from 4 a.m. until 8:30 we talked.
About everything.
His dad’s new friend and her daughter.
Him going to secondary school.
How his buddy wants to go into the marines.
That one was a shock.
I know the kid is only 12 but he will have to put on at least another 100 lbs or his pack will outweigh him.
We talked about politics.
U.S. politics.
At which time I did my best to explain the weird way the US decides on their president.
We decided that the next election here in Canada we are going to educate ourselves and discuss it.
We talked about changing our eating habits.
We talked about his game.
And the weapons.
And the coalitions he was making.
At one point I was only listening with half an ear.
T: says something
Me: Seduction?
T: No mom. Espionage and Sedition.
There was eye rolling as once more I misheard.
That has been a thing of mine lately.
Mishearing or misreading.
It has lead to several very funny conversations that is for sure.
A discussion about age and Chinese food lead to a conversation about the perceived docility of Asian women.
Was messaging about the riot in DC with a friend and he asked if they had broken it up yet.
I read: Have they broken up yet?
To say that I was a little confused until I went back and re-read it is an understatement.
There also have been several new developments that I can only attribute to not drinking.
By the way not to brag or anything but 183 days today.
And I now totally understand why we count by days and not by months.
By counting the days out loud you realize exactly how far you have come.
While 3 years or nigh on 1100 days both sound cool six months as opposed to 183 days does not sound quite as accomplished.
However that is neither here nor there.
Sense of smell.
I know that I have talked about this before.
I have only been able to smell certain heavy scents for the longest time.
Yet yesterday when I got out of the shower I could smell the fresh coffee T had brewed.
Through the bathroom door.
I was sitting on the couch and every so often this sweet scent would waft by and I could not place it.
Finally realized for the first time in a long time I was smelling the candle I was burning.
Again I have talked about.
How I have been having deja vu moments which I know come from dreams.
So reality based I asked one customer if she had if fact gotten engaged because in my dream she had.
Well Tues into Wed I woke from a dream.
A good dream.
And I knew I was dreaming.
I knew it was an imagination dream.
I do not recall what it was about but damn…….I was dreaming!!!!
Finally coming back.
I ate 4 meals yesterday.
French Fries.
Chicken with potatoes and carrots.
Toast again this morning.
I will definitely need to add in exercise.
I was unsuccessful yesterday in cutting down on screen time.
Between just having a lazy day and playing games on the phone and the riots in DC I was glued to the screen.
Today I plan to do better.
I am getting ready to go shopping soon.
Update: Postponed until later.
When I get home I am going to listen to radio or Spotify.
No t.v.
I do have to run into the city for 2 as I have an appt for contact fitting.
I have to go alone as T will be in class so already am feeling a tad anxious about the drive.
I can put it down to the fact that I am having difficulites seeing properly and it will change once I can see clearly again.
My eye sight is not so bad that I am going to kill anyone just blurred around the edges slightly.
Which makes me nervous.
But I am a big girl and I can still see.
Just will be able to see better.
This should really go into the Bad Mom Jokes category but I thought was a fitting end to my post.
T was arguing with me about having to take the garbage out.
His toe hurt.
He had stubbed it on his phone.
Blah blah blah.
So I topped him with the toe nail about to rip off and the fact I thought I had broken my pinkie and it healed wrong.
There is bone sticking out.
Should maybe get that checked out.
Me: And I almost cut my toe off. Well not off but stabbed it.
T: Mom how did you do that.
Me: It slipped through the gap.
T: Why would you have it that way?
Me: It was just the way it was. But I saw it and I jumped back in time…..well not in time time but in time to save my toe.
Cackling at my joke as T shakes his head.
T: Mom you are not that funny.
Me: Yes I am that was funny. Back in time.
T: You know how you tell me I am not funny. Yeah well I am telling you now you are not funny.
Me (petulantly): Well other people think that I am funny.
T: Yeah well others think I am funny too.
Stale mate.
Brief comment about the profile picture.
Loki is growing in leaps and bounds.
And there is no denying I am his person.
He chirps pops up comes running over and lays down on my chest across my arm.
Than he wriggles around until he looks like that.
And purrs.
And purrs.
And wriggles.
And he kept hugging my hand when I tried to move it.
Woke up this morning to Lucky on the top of my pillow.
Thomas laying next to me in the big empty space.
Loki butts passed Lucky and flops down on my neck.
Slides around until he is sitting on my shoulder.
And bites my chin.
©Jan. 7/21
Picture is mine