It’s Not My Birthday

This is a longer read.
Grab your coffee/tea/water/lemons/whatever before sitting down to read otherwise you are going to be annoyed that I did not suggest it at the beginning.
I am not going to rant.
I am not going to rave.
I am going to say one thing:
I am done.
Done with people whining about wearing a mask.
Done with people saying this is being done by the world governments to control us.
Done with the asinine conspiracies that I have been told about.
The two most prominent are:
  1. Covid is a man made virus that was released upon the world to kill of the elderly and ill people who are a burden upon society.
  2. There are actually two types of vaccines. Again the first one is to kill off the seniors and the second is to sterilize the younger generation.
I am not even going to touch on the first one.
I cannot because well in the past some shady shit happened with tests etc upon marginalized sector of people.
The second one though I scoff at.
This would require all level of governments in all countries to be on the same page.
Never mind globally.
One dissenter and that is it the cat is out of the bag.
Never mind that Pharmacies and Pharmacists would all also have to be in on it too to ensure that everyone received the right vaccine.
And what about those of us that fall outside these groups?
That is a whole other ball of wax I don’t feel like melting at the moment.
Suffice it to say that the second one is quite easy to explain why it is not even remotely possible.
The mask thing though.
I woke up to a headline that parents and children in one of our provinces want the government to allow them to resume their normal lives.
They want their children to go to school.
They want to go out and be with other people.
Fine so be it.
Let’s not pussyfoot around any longer.
Let’s let those who want to go bare faced go bare faced.
Let’s let those who want to dine out and hang out together do so.
Because truth is they are over there and we are over here.
Now I am not attempting to start in insurrection.
I am not trying to do anything other than point out a fact.
Those who believe/follow the rules for the good of everyone are in one group and those who do not clearly fall in another group.
This is not me being discriminatory.
By law I will have to provide you with service.
However I do not need to remain within your vicinity if I am not working.
I do not need to converse with you or even be pleasant.
And this is my choice.
You chose not to wear a mask.
I chose not to be anywhere near you.
We both get to make choices.
And this way natural selection will out.
I woke up a little hot this morning when I read the article.
Considering that this is the same community of people who lost so many to smallpox due to distrust of the vaccine one would think they would be a little more forward thinking.
The two above cited conspiracies also circulated in the 1920’s.
That aside I do have some rather terrific news.
Yesterday on the way to work my arm was doing the tingle fuzzy thing and in general aggravating me.
As I stretched out something popped and this flash of pain hit me.
To which I hollered fuck.
I was in the car alone I can swear.
Got to work and as I walk across the parking lot realize I am not feeling pain.
I roll my shoulder carefully.
Went into work and  asked to go upstairs and stretch arm.
I was nigh on giddy.
I am not entirely pain free but what is here is going to be so much more easy to manage.
I was so excited to be pain free that I took half an hour from my banked hours to come home early and clean the bathroom.
Top to bottom save for the floors.
Those will get done tonight I need cleaning stuff.
As I write this I am still pretty pain free.
A little achy because well I put my arm to use yesterday.
And to leave you with a little chuckle on your Sunday morning:
One of my co-workers yesterday was complaining to me about working an 8 hour shift.
I have been working full time off and on for the last 30 years so I feel no sympathy for her at all.
I was telling her that I was on a nine day stretch.
Me: I worked from Wed all the way through to this upcoming Thur. I am on day 4 of 9.
CW: Oh so you work today, tomorrow and Monday?
Now I have a customer that I am ringing through and only heard her with half an ear.
Me: What? No My birthday is in August. Why would I have a two day birthday?
CW: Jay! I asked if you were working today, tomorrow and Monday?
Needless to say I laughed so hard as did my CW.
My customer was trying not to laugh so I told him about the conversation on how to write/like my name.
He and his wife were laughing as they left.
I did it again.
Happy Sunday all.
I must get my butt in gear and get ready for work.
©April. 11/21
Picture is my own.

Flight of Conspiracy

Bleak landscape
Grey shadows
Chilling howl
Look back
Scan forward
Taste of copper
Tinged air
Fabricator of ill
Greedy fingers pluck
Raping fertile land
Plundering virgin waters
Massacring exotics
A game
A sickening fact
Smiles of glee
Rattle from lips
Parched dry
From lack of harmony
Lack of morality
Lack of decency
Lack of humanity
High above
Soaring on Currents
Blackening the sky
Shredding daylight
Emergence of twilight
Raucous kraa’s 
Almost like laughter
Dancing along the edge of hearing
Whispering in ears
Promises given
Vows broken
Death is coming
Flying on ebon wings.
©Sept. 3/20
Picture via Pinterest
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