First World Problems

I only began to follow our local FB group on the recommendation of K at work.
Times questions are asked about where you can purchase an item and I always pipe up when we do.
With an exact location.
However I think some people have way more time on their hands and too few brain cells.
Are you intrigued yet?
Are you wondering what it is that has got me all up in arms this early in the morning?
Yes the burning question is why is it taking so long to paint the plaza?
The colors are horrible.
What is wrong with the painter?
Why would they hire someone who could not paint?
On and on the questions went.
Colors were not picked by the painter.
Our temps have been sticky hot and humid.
You cannot paint then.
On and on the answers and smartass comments to them.
And this is why I try really hard not to tell people where I am from.
There is so much more they could be worried about as opposed to the painting of a building but then again who am I to judge the importance of paint on these peoples lives?
Oh and the construction saga continues.
I laugh when people as me how it is with the renos going on at work.
Am I finding it an inconvenience?
Given that I am living in the middle of construction and that inconvenience the construction at work is a walk in the park.
However I am in no way inconvenienced the way they were yesterday.
I have to wonder if the guy on the phone in the first pic saw me take it and that is why he moved over to look knowledgeable for the second pic?
It was finally out when I went home for lunch at 2:30.
As I left for work in the morning having just pulled out of drive I was overheard gasping:
Oh my that is not good!
Response from construction worker on boulevard:
No no that isn’t.
Last but not least I was happy to be able to eat my muffin the other evening.
Double fudge chocolate chip decadence.
Given the extent of my solid food until dinner that evening had been toast and broth so I was salivating at the thought.
Picked one out.
Pulled off the muffin cup.
And then another.
And another.
And another.
15 in total on one muffin.
Someone fell asleep at the switch.
©Aug. 13/21
Pictures are all my own except top one is via Pexels Free Photos.
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