Gypsy Romance

Lassy I be
small hamlet
more there must be
to this life I lead.
Rambling Rose.
That was a name they gave me.
Tumbleweed Tillie…..
another one.
My toes did tap
my feet did walk
trapped in one spot
I could not.
Country lanes
city highways
much better
the noise
the bustle
all that hustle
not for a simple woman like me.
What am I looking for?
What is it that I sought?
Even I knew not
what would soothe
ache in my soul
missing that special…..
In circular fashion
home I came
still uncertain…..
I could continue
looking yonder
for what I search
or I could turn eyes inward
learn to love myself again.
©June 17/20
Picture via Pinterest

Quiet Contemplation

Time has come
need to retreat from this world
from the terror
the pain
the abuse of sensibilities
quiet contemplation
that is what is needed.
War rages
around the street corner
gangsters in colors
children with guns
no future
other than death
or a lifetime in a jail cell.
War rages
bred with violence
destroying lives
destroying people
who have never harmed another.
Abuse of power
in countries once thought great
now using tactics of gorilla warfare
to get what they want.
seamed throughout
one hand washes the other
while money is handed about.
Tears fall
parched earth
searing sun
withdraw from the evils
the degeneration
nothing can be done
to cease the collapse
the ruination
of what once was.
©May 3/19
Photo via Pinterest found by The Eclectic Contrarian