Untitled Dark Poem #15

I screamed.
I begged.
I pleaded.
The words I said
did not make sense 
to anyone
other than me.
Fear became the way to live
tears ever flowing
heart already broken
tide together with rusted wire
edges serrated
cutting at me more.
Time turns
when you have no way out
escape comes
bottom of a bottle
up my nose
down my throat
nothing stops the pain.
No one listened to the child cry.
No one unclipped her wings.
(she had to do that alone)
No one cared for her.....
not even herself.
Blade in the right.
Blade in the left.
To my delight.
I thought to use upon my flesh
when upon you I did come
with savage glee
I tore out your heart.

©May 3/23
Picture from Pinterest.

The Craziness Continues

As you can see things got a little cray cray at work today. The line up pictured was behind me as T and I got up to the till and were able to start unloading. It was insane and only 5 tills were going.

We do not want to be short tills. However we are. And then to make things worse the first till that we had been using as “express” broke down. Brand new till and it is not connecting to the thing that connects it to the other thing. So rather than 6 tills we are down to 5.

I am so happy that I am not working tomorrow.

Jan. 21/22

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