Untitled Dark Poem #14

Predatory smile
crimson lips
no spark
only rage
looking passed the shadows
seeing the truth
one that you try so hard to hide from the world.

Dusty footsteps
trail up the stairs
dance along the edges
squeaking third step
giving away my ascent
bleed into the darkness 
hide in the corners
you will never look for me there
you have forgotten 
the promise that I made 
when I finally broke free.

from your warped love
from your demented desire
from all the lies
all the abuse
you heaped
upon my head
never thinking I would become strong enough
to flee from you.

I was not the first.
I was not the last.
I can make sure 
that never again
will you be 

the demon
the monster in the darkness
waiting to be fed.

©April 11/23

To Be A Fly

Hey little boy
is your mama home 
'cause she and I
we need to talk.

Hey little girl
is your daddy home
'cause he and I
we need to clear the air.

Fists shaking
voices raised
no one is hearing
no one cares.

On one side 
religion  stands 
hand raised in celebration
for the good they perceive they are doing.

On one side
women and men
seeking autonomy 
over their bodies
over their choices
over their lives.

On another side
little men
smaller women
who cannot see beyond the falsehoods
spread misinformation
spread dangerous lies
take away the smallest rights
saying in effect
that women are unable to make choices 
are unable to decide 
what is best for their health,
physical or mental
no no no
let the government decide.

What are you afraid of?
Standing at the podium
denouncing what you,
decree as wrong,
as a sin.....

I read a post the other day
not even sure
but it hit home 
even though I am not religious.....

When you enter Heaven 
God will not ask you 
what your neighbor did.....
what the lady four doors down did.....
the man at the grocery store.....
the woman asking for change....
whether a choice you agreed or disagreed with
that in no way affected you.....
These are not the questions that you will be asked.
You do not need to tell on those who are different for he has seen.

God will ask what you did.....
to protect the child that cried out for help within your circle?
to stand up for the rights that men are handed without thought
and women are still fighting to retain?
to being equal with all in the world?
to saving the animals  facing extinction?

God will not ask you 
what is right 
or what is wrong?

God will ask you 
what did you do or not do 
and now you have to defend all your choices
all your ignorance
all your bigotry.

Times like these I wish I did believe in a god
for I would love to sit just outside of Peter's Gate 
(we all know I will burn in flames)
watching them all come forth
demanding that right
only to be shown the door to the left
the one written in Bas-Relief.....

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

Shrill screams 
demands to see the boss
while I giggle
they finally paid the cost.

©April 10/23 
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