Good morning. ‘Ello. Top of the Day. Buenos Dias. Bonjour.

The way to say hello goes on and on. Those are the ones that I could think of.

Lately I have again been remiss. My creativity ebbs and flows. When it is flowing I get super excited and then it becomes stoppered again. Drives me insane. And reading seems to have fallen to the wayside as well.

I want to tell all my readers and those who I follow I am still reading your works and occasionally I do comment. I am in a space where it is me myself and I plus T.

I am blocked in more ways than one and am hopeful that this blockage is going to come unclogged in the near future. Until then please bear with me. I find the more I concentrate on my lack of creativity it floats further and further away.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

April 7/21

Meme found on Pinterest

Writer’s Block

Ugh nothing.
I sit staring at the blank page
wracking my brain
trying to find words 
trying to find stories 
trying to find my creativity
eluding me as I reach out
tendrils of smoke
creep along skin
pocked with dimples
the cursor
taunting me
thinking that you could write
that others would read 
the words you put forth
even as fingers do fly
putting to lie
those nasty voices 
of Writer’s Blockage.
©Feb. 15/21
Picture is my own
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