Anti-Valentine’s Day

peering back
dart around the corner
always there
get away
he is coming.
I had hoped
I really thought:
Well this year little miss
he can’t get you
there is no one around
you are safe.
Here I am though
terror filled
desperate to outrace him
the full moon
leave me in utter darkness.
Holy shit
little prick
who does he think he is?
Year after year
I am done with it all
I am going to stand 
Face him
Make him 
leave me the hell alone. 
head on
a deer caught in the headlights
quickly seen
hunter strides towards the hunted
lifting bow
all with that cute little moue.
Stop right there Cupid
I am done playing your stupid games
love does not exist
for me 
so please
take your bow
take your arrows 
and go find someone else to love.
Evil little thing
he smiled insincerely
sudden thwack
I jerk back
he hit me with an arrow……
©Feb. 14/20
Picture via Pinterest

Cupid’s Loss

‘I think that I am just about done with those two,’ Cupid blew the dark curls from her eyes. ‘I shot them centuries ago with the most powerful love potion ever created. They love one another deeply.’

‘Maybe the arrow was defective? Or the potion itself?’ I suggested, pouring her a cup of thick black coffee.

‘My arrows are never defective.’ she glared at the couple again. ‘They are just two of the most stubborn individuals on the face of this whole planet.’

‘How many more times before you accept defeat?’

‘Never. They are my parents, that is how I know they love each other deeply.’