I’ll Call You Bitch With A Smile On My Lips

I have not spoken about our renos recently so I thought today would be a good day.
Also because it was a day I do not care to repeat.
Presently we have 6 tills and Customer Service.
That’s right.
We are missing 3 tiils; 2 express and another full size one.
So there is much congregating of customers.
No 6′.
No one can move through area so we created two lines.
One end was my express lane.
The other end was for my full size tills.
And then just all customers lined up for me.
In one line.
I am directing traffic for the large tills.
I am directing traffic for express lane.
I am directing traffic to customer service.
I was the Great Director!
Surprisingly everyone was amazing.
There was joking around.
I would say loudly that it was only this weekend and next that it would be like this.
That we were missing 5 tills.
And then along she came.
I had a line up going when this woman came out of no where and pulled up to a till.
I walked up to her and politely explained that we had a line up going and I would need for her to wait there.
She glared at me but followed me to the line.
It was not even that the line ups were moving slowly because they were not.
I lead her over to a till and walked away.
I moved a few more people around when I noticed a woman move in behind the woman who was so annoyed with me and my line up.
As I walked up to explain the line up to the lady I hear customer #1 say to her:
She is going to come over and kick your ass over to the end of that line.
I ignored her and smiled at customer #2.
I’m sorry but given that we are short 5 tills we have a line up going. I just need for you to wait there.
Customer #2 did not even kick up a fuss but came with me.
Even said to me later that she thought it was a really good idea to have me standing there and directing people.
That this way there was not congestion, no body was getting angry and things were moving  nicely.
Finally customer #1 moves ahead and I was able to bring in another customer behind her.
I turned to walk away and with a smile under my mask said to customer #3:
Thank you so much for waiting and being understanding.
We appreciate that our customers can see we are doing our best with the fact we are short 5 tills.
I caught the eye of customer #1 and walked away.
Next up was the lady who was complaining that we had only six tills.
And the line up was so long.
And why did we not have more tills over here.
Not to sure how many ways I could have said it was only this weekend and next that it would be a problem.
That we were short the 5 tills.
The gentleman behind her starts to chuckle.
What are you doing this for then? he nudged the basket full of gift cards I was working on.
I know right? I really should go get my tool belt and start whipping up more tills right away. But they don’t let me play with the power tools.
I laughed.
The gentleman laughed.
I was very happy when 3:30 finally rolled around.
©Jan. 15/21
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What Just Happened Here?

Yesterday was a good day.
And despite the tale I am about to relay here it stayed a good day.
I would like to say though that I am really proud of myself.
Usually I would ruminate and fret over an incident like this.
Not this time.
As a matter of fact I had forgotten about it by the time I got home and never even told T about it.
That is a big step for me.
It means that the change K and I  have been working on is taking effect.
In both of us.
Let me set the stage:
I was called to customer service because someone wanted to purchase lottery.
A regular customer and I easily was able to handle his request.
This woman comes barreling passed all the people standing at check out one and strides up to customer service.
Puts her four items down and realizes that one of the items is not to her liking so she will not take it.
Fine no problem I can put it back.
We do however have rules with regards to customer service and line ups at check out one.
Unless you are purchasing lottery you have to wait with everyone else in the line up at check out one.
We then work our way through taking the next customer in line.
Me: Hi are you purchasing lottery?
C: No just these three items.
Me: I’m sorry. You just need to wait in the line up at check out one and I work from there.
C: Everyone else lets me go through here. I only have three items!
Me: I’m sorry we have some new staff and they are not all aware of that. I will make sure to let our supervisor know. But you will have to wait at check out one.
C: But everyone else lets me go through here.
I was already walking away to go and get my next customer.
You tell me everyone else lets you do it?
Time to haul the sign out and have a conversation with all the fricken new people tromping in and out of customer service.
K finishes at check out two and comes back over to customer service.
C is at the floral counter.
I finish with my one customer and go to get the Woman.
As I walked passed K to get her I muttered for her to please stay.
She looked at me a little funny but did so.
Smiling I beckoned the customer over with a smile on my face.
Now bear in mind that she has had to wait maybe 2 minutes.
Customer: What just happened here?
Me: Did you find everything?
Customer: What just happened here? That was bogus.
Me: M’am we always…..
Customer (interrupting me) : I  don’t want to talk to you. This is bogus. Everyone else lets me go through here without waiting.
Me: M’am
Customer: I said don’t talk to me.
Me (a little sharp): M’am we do this to make it fair for all of our custoers.
Customer: I don’t want to talk to you and it is bogus.
Me (through gritted teeth with a smile): You have a fabulous afternoon.
She strode off without a word to me.
C immediately told me I had done nothing wrong.
Not to worry about it.
K asked me what had happened and I explained it to her.
The kicker is neither K nor myself recognized her.
For everyone else to let you do it yet we have never served you seems a little off.
We are both there 40 hours a week.
I kept my cool.
As I am writing this I am thinking that previous me would have been snarling and chomping at the bit to tell her off.
But you know what?
She so is not worth the time or effort.
And it gives her power over me.
Instead I will write about her.
Put her actions out there to the universe.
Ridicule her with my writing for all to see. (Maybe not right but I never said there was not a little evil in me) 🙂
Imagine that conversation over the dinner table later that night:
Can you believe she made me wait in line? Me!
I just cannot believe it dear. Did you not tell her who you were?
She should know how important I am. Everyone else does.
©Nov. 24/21
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