Grocery Etiquette 103

This is actually 103 and 104.

Monday I am in the aisle helping grocery as they were short staffed. I am happily putting out the order in my own world when a customer walks up to me:

Oh you look just like a woman who needs a kitchen.

I looked at him, looked at the noodles in his hand and said:

Don’t ask me about making soups I don’t do that type of stuff in the kitchen.

He looked at me. Looked at the noodles in his hand and walked away.

Tuesday I was standing in line at checkout 2. Food in one hand. Drink in the other. I was talking with the cashier about to put my food down when a customer walks up and in front of me. Puts her items down.

I stare at the back of her head. Desperately chewing on my tongue so that nothing scathing erupted from my mouth. My eye lids rapidly blinking and I am staring at my co-worker in disbelief. She looks at the customer and says:

I will just take Jay-lyn before you. She was here first.

Customer looks at me and says:

Oh I did not know you were in line.

I said nothing because what do I say?

Are you blind or just ignorant? Entitled? My usual response of no worries remained firmly tucked behind my teeth.

I am not about to start dismissing bad behavior because you are not thinking. Apparently being a customer myself is not allowed.

Dec. 30/22

I was Worried

T is with his dad this week. So I tend not to know about things that go with him. However when you have 4 e-mails from the school division I find out pretty quick.

I had gone upstairs for a hi-liter when D (one of the admins) asked me if I knew about the Hold and Secure for the SRSS. The high school. No I had not and I quickly pulled out my phone to message T. Asked what was happening and had he messaged his dad? And told him that I was a tad worried. And he shoots back:

We’re Not!

The admins both thought that was hilarious.

And now I am getting a reputation.

I had spoken to a customer last week about the new Scene+ card. Told her that when she came in this week to stop and Customer Service and ask for me. I would come and give her her card and walk her through what she would need to do to get it registered.

Tuesday our woman at Self checkouts came down to ask K about this woman who had stopped and asked her about her card. I was at my till and only paying half attention when I remembered. Asked if the woman’s name was and of course she did not know. But I was pretty positive that it was my lady so I grabbed her card and went to give it to her.

B our woman at the self-checkouts said:

She said it was the woman who was always flying around.

That’s me.

Then today I was not even going that fast when I passed by a customer. No idea who he was and the face did not register. However he must know who I am for as I passed him he remarked:

No running in the halls.

These are but two of my interactions out of hundreds in a week. All positive and I was able to help or provide amusement. Recently I also had a customer tell me that although he was glad that we no longer had to wear masks he did miss mine with the tongues sticking out.

I was being cheeky but he really did miss them.

Nov. 3/22

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