I Promise they Won’t Melt

Do y’all believe that I have the strangest customers?
I bet some might imagine that I am making some of my stories up but I so am not.
People are weird and I seem to meet them all.
I have also discovered that customers hunt me down when I am on the floor because
“You are the woman who knows everything.”
What a title to have when the everything you know is what grocery products you carry.
I hear that not only from customers but staff as well.
We have 1000’s of products and while I do not know every single one of them the vast majority I do.
I have a rather weird memory.
As a kid I played memory with cards all the time by myself.
Also played Trivial Pursuit left hand versus the right.
No one wanted to play with me ever as I always knew the really out there ones.
Playing with mom and brother usually ended with me winning and them always asking me how the hell I knew the answers.
A wonderful thing when it works.
Mine does not always perform on command but it always has the answer.
Some days I just need a little more prodding.
We have fast hit our summer temps and have been having high humidity.
Some days are hot hot hot and others are temperate.
Yesterday was a temperate day.
Not hot not cold just right.
Not for me but others.
It was a dead day for me with a total of two orders both of which were for today.
I pre-pulled them for J today (the infamous J of the blown oven story) and spent the rest of the day helping out in the front.
It had been requested of me to work back stock (most of which I had done the day before) and facing.
I don’t mind but all day long.
But K had a lot to do so my remaining down front and helping there helped her a lot more and she was able to get her things done.
We had a small rush and I was ringing people through at CS.
Now if one is not buying lottery and we have a line up you are to wait at check out one until we come and pull you over to CS.
I was ringing through one customer when another regular customer passes the till and stops.
She comes back and stands in front of me at the till.
C: I just want to thank you so much for your continued best service all the time every time.
Me: Why thank you.
She left.
I bragged a little to K.
There are two customers at check out one and I am just about to go and get the last customer when a gentleman comes beetling over.
I know he does not buy lotto but maybe he has a question for the reigning Queen of Knowledge.
Me: Hi are you buying lotto today?
Customer: No but can I ring through my few items here?
Me: If you are not getting lotto you need to wait at #1 and I take customers in order of the line up.
I need to help that lady first. (walking towards the till)
Customer: But I have ice cream! That is why I came to you.
Me: Sir the ice cream is not going to melt.
Customer: Are you sure?
Me: M’am I can help you at CS.
A minute later I am done and go back over to collect the gentleman.
Me: Sir I can help you now.
Customer: Oh it is ok she is going to help me right away.
Me: You have a fabulous day sir.
This will now become a thing as it does every summer.
Needing to jump the queue because your ice cream might melt.
While standing in line for at the most 4 minutes.
My ice cream sat in my trunk Wed for 40 minutes and it was 100% humidity even after the rain.
Put my cold stuff on top of it and went back to wait for T to finish his appointment.
If my ice cream did not melt than I am fairly confident that yours will not melt while standing in line waiting for a cashier.
©June 11/21
Picture via Pinterest

It’s Happening to Everyone!

I started work at 7 this morning because T had a filling appointment at 2.
So I was working 7-1:30 and taking some holiday hours.
It was brutally dead.
Finished my first two orders by 8:30.
Puttered around looking for things to do.
We have a supervisor who is right over the top.
I have talked about her before and how she stresses over the most silly things.
Making herself sick at times because she gets so worked up.
So I kinda did this thing.
Me (sidling up to her): Hey J while you were on break an oven in bakery blew up.
J: What? Now? Are you…..
Me (bursts out laughing): I’m sorry I just had to. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
J (laughing): You are so mean!
Me (laughing): Do you really think I would let you finish your break if the oven blew up?
I later explained to her that I only do that with people I like.
And it is true.
I get things so backwards sometimes.
I had gone upstairs to check for orders when the phone rang.
I answered.
Some days I wonder about my inability to let the phone ring.
Today is one of those days.
Me: Good morning thank you for calling Steinbach Sobeys this is Jay-lyn how may I help you.
C: Is the manager in?
Me: No I am sorry he is off today, would his second be able to help you?
C: Well maybe you can help me. You are taking back that space you gave up before right?
Me: Yes we are increasing by 5000 sq feet.
C: So you are getting bigger.
Me: Yes m’am we are gaining another 5000 sq feet.
C: Are the bathrooms getting done? Those bathrooms of yours are awful.
Me: I am sorry m’am I have nothing to do with the redesign or renos of the store.
C: I am afraid to lock the door when I used the bathroom. People have gotten locked in there. There is a sign.
Me: No m’am the sign is to say you only need to push the knob in not turn it. 🙄
C: But people are getting locked in there.
Me: I have never heard of anyone getting locked in the bathroom. 🙄
C: Well I guess I will have to try to trust you. But what if I did get locked in there how would I get out?
Me: We have a key we would be able to let you out. 🗝🗝🗝
C: Well how is anyone going to hear me?📢📢📢
Me: If you bang on the door, call hello, yell help someone will hear you.
C: Are you sure? 🤷🤷🤷
Me: M’am I personally walk by that door at least 100x a day. Someone will hear you.
C: Ok I guess I have to believe you.  🤦🤦🤦🤦 But could you please let the manager know that the bathrooms need renovating.
Me: Yes I can.
And I did.
Indicating I had taken a call from a customer who would like to see the bathrooms renovated because ‘people are getting locked in the bathroom.’
I am most impressed with myself that I did not laugh or anything.
I had to repeat myself a lot about no one ever getting locked in there because she was sure I was wrong.
I always love when customers know more about the store I work in than I do. 😂🙄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
©June 9/21
Picture is my own