I’s got Babies!

Oxalis is the name of the plant. Flowering shamrock. I bought one a couple of weeks ago because they were inexpensive and I got 25 extra Air Miles. Brought it home and transplanted it.

Well the damn thing is as delicate as can be and the root looked like a little carrot. I killed almost all of it but for two no sorry, three little leaves. Saturday I put into the window and forgot about it when I took all the others out. Remembered on Monday morning.

I looked and Loki had eaten the three little leaves that had been there. I was not seriously distressed as again I was not seriously invested. And it had not cost me a lot. I was carrying the pot over to dump out the soil when I looked down at the pot and saw something poking up. I took a closer look and babies.

I moistened the soil a little and put on the shelf. Today I decided that I was going to put the plants in the window to catch the late afternoon sun. And when I went to put them out I was delighted to realize the babies had grown.

April 7/22

Hollow Man

Vile debauchery
incessant need
fill the void with vices
while proclaiming
how virtuous you are.
Am not sure
what gilded mirror you stare into
what witch enunciates your plays
broadcasting your naivete
soothing swollen ideals.
That is not what
nor whom
I see.
Not a child who knows naught.
Not an adult who knows better.
using death
as a platform from which to induce
Swaddled in yes men
pampered by yes women
afraid that the world shall see
watch you reap
the very damage you inflict
on passers who dare to contradict
dare to stand up
for right
for life
for reality.
Delicate sensibilities
temper tantrums from a man child overgrown
need a blankie and soother
to set things to your truth once more.
Unsure I am
how the lies
constant sycophants bottle feed
provide such sustenance
as you require.
Day will come
truth will out
your dreams of greatness will fade away
tumbled down castles
rocky cascade
burying you and your uselessness.
©August 9/19
Picture via Pinterest
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