And Still It Goes On

In a time when people should be coming together in support for the Ukraine and Russian people; for a cease and desist of these aggressive behaviours still some individuals have nothing better to do than rabble rouse.

To the moronic elected Republican who believes that Canadians are suffering under tyrannical fanatical left and are in need of liberation more so than the Ukraine-the vast majority of Canadians see what is going on with wide open eyes. Take your gaslighting tactics and employ them on those who do believe you…..the people who voted for you.

March 1/22


Have you witnessed?

Have you heard the words

rolling from his tongue?




while all stand

mouths agape.

Holy roller



the spirits entering

as he mishandles

the snakes.

Shaking with mirth

(stunned at the audacity)

tears fall as humor is found

(fear and pain intertwined)

the testimony of a clown

(how did it come to this?)

hell bent on destroying

(reimagining a plutocratic society)

all that democracy has built.


Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash


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