Hell in a Handbasket

I am fairly confident by now that most everyone is aware of how I feel about organized religion.
All organized religion.
It is the institutions and their policies that I dislike.
The people that are allowed to abuse with impunity being moved hither and yon to protect not the vulnerable but the priests/pastors who perpetrate these crimes.
The horrors done in the name of god makes my lip curl and if this was the wild west guess who would be wearing a black and white hat?
A gunslinger with a conscious and a need to avenge damages done.
Wandered off there a little bit but the point is I dislike religion.
Now saying that one of my regular customers who is so sweet and kind is an associate pastor in my city.
I shop for him ever couple of weeks when he has a lot on his plate.
He has a growing family and given his position it affords him time to spend with his kids as they are growing.
I think this is awesome.
He has been very vocal with regards to getting vaccinated.
That this is how in-house services will be able to recommence by getting vaccinated.
He shows up in my news headlines every so often.
And when he does I read it and I smile because you can feel his genuine caring for his parishioners.
The province did a series of ads to reach out to those who are vaccine hesitant using various pastors and priests to get the message out there.
I think this is awesome.
This is about caring about the wellbeing of the people that you tend to and care for.
This is about not wanting to watch people die and officiating over a funeral where people cannot mourn together.
Where comfort cannot be given.
In other words grow the fuck up get vaccinated and let’s get back to a new version of normality that we are going to be living with.
That is me.
He is much nicer.
Again white hat/black hat kinda gal.
So imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to another headline about my favorite pastor.
A negative one.
Well rather not a negative article about him but the fallout he has had to face since making the ad.
He is going to hell.
He is horrible.
He is part of the conspiracy.
He took money. (He did not)
How could he sell out his faith like this?
He does not respond with anger.
He has been attacked on his personal FB page to point where he had to change privacy settings.
He does not hang up on people.
He is getting angry and hate filled emails and voice messages.
He feels that openness and talking are the way to go.
I am not so kind.
Everyone has a right to an opinion.
Everyone has a right to voice that opinion.
What everyone does not have the right to do is decide that they and they alone know what their god is telling them and everyone else is wrong.
Christianity at its best.
As long as you do as I say and act as I want my love and adulation is yours.
As soon as you contradict or offer up a differing opinion boom hammer is lowered and you are now a denizen of hell.
Out of all the hate filled messages he received that one really really gets to me.
He is going to hell for believing in protecting those he loves and protects.
He is going to hell for trying to save those around him.
He is going to hell for trying to educate others.
He is straight up going to hell.
What I find funny is that all those who have called and threatened him; all who have stood up and told him he is going to hell might want to sit back on down because hate and vile filled words are the way of satan to paraphrase while love and acceptance is the way of god.
Seems to me that these days it is all ass backwards.
©June 30/21
Picture is my own

Time Update

I think that I may be the luckiest mom in the world.
I know we all think that about our kids and while there are days when I wonder what I was thinking when I decided that hey I wanna be a mom I am fairly confident it is apparent how much I adore T.
I have fought long and hard for the relationship that we have.
We can talk and laugh about everything and anything.
When we need to be serious when I am upset/annoyed we talk.
Well I talk and walk.
He listens and absorbs.
I have never had to ground him.
So either I am not finding out what he is up to or I have a good kid.
Mind he has not yet become a teenager that may change in 3-4 months.
Last week I wrote about having to sign off on the sensitive lessons they will be taking in health class.
I have been asking him every day when it is.
It is today folks so I will have an update tomorrow and T has promised that at most it will be one phone call.
He will rein in the rest of his material until outdoors and away from the teachers.
I am kidding.
He was really confused yesterday when I asked if he had had his class yet.
I have not told him that I have been getting questions from my blogging friends about how it went.
Last night I again asked him.
When T wanted to know why I was so interestested I told him I also need to know what gaps I will have to fill in later.
T: What is masturbation mom?
Me: Self -pleasuring. Should I go further?
T: We don’t need to have this conversation
Me: Well do we need to talk about this?
T: No…..no…..no….mom it would be less creepy if my principal put his hand on my knee and explained sex to me.
Me (beginning to laugh): Oh you would rather have your father explain it to you?
T: Mom at least he would be drunk and not remember what he said to me.
Me (laughing): Ok I just have one thing to say…..
T: Mom…..
Me: Just clean up after yourself. If you use kleenex throw it in the garbage. A piece of clothing throw it in the laundry. I do not want to be finding piles of kleenex under your bed.
T (laughing): Mom I will clean up like….(casting around)the kitchen counters.
Me (tears I am laughing so hard) OMG that means there are piles forming as we speak.
T (laughing holding his stomach): Mom you know what I mean!!!!
I cannot give him the logistics.
I can make it normal for him like sex/menstruation/menopause all the facts and know how of the physical human body.
And by introducing these topics into conversations in a general way and joking about them makes it easier for him to come to me with larger issues.
As all know T does not fall far from the sarcasm tree.
He has even gotten as good as imbuing it into his text messages.
Which then goes right over my head.
Happy Tuesday Everyone.
©June 1/21
Pictures are my own
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