Where Did We Go?

I no longer know
was it you
was it I
which of us determined
that the love was gone
that we had to go
our separate lives
our own ways
sunset of time
fading away.
I can still hear your voice
lingering in my ear
I can sense your being
nestled in close to me
a haunting memory
one I wish I could rip
tear from my heart
from my mind
replace with cold emptiness.
Little comfort
will ease this ache
that never leaves
a dull pulsing
playing in my heart
on repeat.
we dreamt of a life
together for all eternity
our past and future lives
reaching out
souls forever seeking.
Good bye
with etched remorse
I sever these memories
I blanket the dreams
placed deep in crypt
never again to be seen.
©Aug. 20/22
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Drift Away

through curtained hair
steaming cup
scented air
turn of the page
soft whisper
the only sound
in days
I have heard from you.
thoughts in my mind
happier days
times of dreams
times of love
when did it fade away
why did it not last?
Chin in hand
tears blurring sight
I stare
taking in everything
the strong set of your jaw
the lean fingers
which have pleasured me so many times
aware that we are at an end.
When did we become so distant?
When did the emotions drain?
Both of us
empty husks
sharing a house
after vowing for evermore.
©April 5/20
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